Nipper Pat Daly
Global ID103423
birthdate 1913-02-17
death date 1988-09-25 (75)
country United Kingdom
residenceMarylebone, London, United Kingdom
birth placeAbercrave, Wales, United Kingdom
birth namePatrick Clifford Daley
won 99 (KO 26) + lost 11 (KO 7) + drawn 8 = 120
rounds boxed 1100 KO% 21.67

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1931-01-27Harry Jenkins11-1-2
Paddington Baths, Paddington, London, United KingdomWRTD412x3
This was Daly's final contest. He was 17 years old.
Jenkins substituted for Johnny Reed (Plumstead).
Boxing 4/02/1931

1931-01-06Tom Handley31-25-8
Paddington Baths, Paddington, London, United KingdomWPTS1212x3
1930-12-28Andre Beghin1-2-0
Vale Hall, Kilburn, London, United KingdomWTKO412x3
1930-12-23Albert Ryall38-63-17
Paddington Baths, Paddington, London, United KingdomWTKO412x3
Source: Boxing 31/12/1930 page 425
1930-12-07Johnny Allen8-12-0
Vale Hall, Kilburn, London, United KingdomWTKO412x3
1930-12-02Dave Danahar36-58-19
Paddington Baths, Paddington, London, United KingdomWTKO912x3
Source: Boxing 10/12/1930 pages 376 and 375
1930-11-23Jimmy Laws13-5-4
Vale Hall, Kilburn, London, United KingdomWKO312x3
1930-11-18Fred Green94-51-26
Paddington Baths, Paddington, London, United KingdomDPTS1212x3
Daly knocked down for eight count in fifth round.
1930-10-28Tom Banks15-8-3
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomLPTS66x3
1930-06-05Nobby Baker46-27-9
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomLTKO1315x3
1930-04-20Seaman Tommy Watson52-2-2
Vale Hall, Kilburn, London, United KingdomLTKO1115x3
1930-04-14Charlie Mack39-15-6
Sarum Hill Pavilion, Basingstoke, Hampshire, United KingdomNCND33
No-decision contest.
1930-04-03Henri Baudeart1-1-0
Holborn Stadium Club, Holborn, London, United KingdomWPTS88x3
Baudeart is described in programme as "The Official Champion of the French Marines".
1930-04-01Len George60-37-21
Paddington Baths, Paddington, London, United KingdomWPTS88x3
George knocked down for an eight count in the second round and for a nine count in the sixth.
1930-03-26Auguste Gyde73-36-10
Paddington Baths, Paddington, London, United KingdomWPTS1515
"Although rather wild, Gyde was always a source of danger, as his punches carried plenty of weight, and Daly adopted the right methods in boxing him... although Gyde fought very stubbornly, the issue was never in doubt, Daly being a clear winner on points." Sporting Life, 27 March 1930
1930-03-21Jack Sheppard46-8-9
Civic Hall, Exeter, Devon, United KingdomWTKO1215
1930-03-09Jim Briley50-22-18
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWTKO615x3
Briley knocked down for a nine count in the third round. Briley knocked down again in sixth round. Referee stopped the fight.
1930-03-02Charlie Mack39-13-6
Vale Hall, Kilburn, London, United KingdomWPTS1515
"Daly carried the fight to his man from the opening, and, in spite of all Mack's gameness, the latter was beaten at all points in a really fine bout." Sporting Life, 3 March 1930
1930-02-21Jack Sheppard46-7-9
Civic Hall, Exeter, Devon, United KingdomWPTS1515x2
referee: Mr Dominy
"This contest was a classic from start to finish and Daly had to pull out all his undoubted ability to gain the decision. That he deserved the spoils was the view of everyone present, but Sheppard's doggedness against a grand defensive opponent, whose ringcraft was superb, was generally admired." Express and Echo, 22 February 1930
"Daly was the speedier with fists and feet and generally both outboxed and outfought his older opponent… Sheppard had been severely punished and weakened, and halfway through the final round the referee applied the closure to save Sheppard unnecessary punishment. Sheppard and his seconds, however, asked to be allowed to carry on and the referee yielded." Boxing 26 February 1930

1930-01-27Charlie Mack37-12-5
Victoria Baths, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United KingdomDPTS1515
1930-01-19Jack Wright22-1-5
Vale Hall, Kilburn, London, United KingdomWDQ615x3
1929-11-24Jim Briley47-20-16
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
Briley knocked down in third round.
1929-11-17Johnny Edmunds36-14-7
Collins's Music Hall, Islington, London, United KingdomWKO215
"Edmunds' method of attack was to swing heavily to the head and then rush to close range to avoid [Daly's] stabbing left to the face, but his swinging was rather ill-judged and the Nipper took full notice. Daly waited for one of these swings, got under it, and then whipped a beautiful short left clean to the point which brought the Welsh lad forward flat on his face for the full count." Boxing 20/11/1929 page 322
"It was a beautifully planted punch which did not go more than six inches. There are occasions when Nipper Pat Daly can make an opponent - and a good one at that - look very cheap." Evening News (London) 18/11/1929

1929-11-11Ted Cullen41-35-21
Victoria Baths, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United KingdomWDQ415x2
Ted Cullen was the Midlands featherweight champion at this time. Cullen disqualified for hitting low.
1929-11-06Harry Kid Berry27-7-6
National Sporting Club (Holborn Stadium), Holborn, London, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
1929-10-31Jim Ashley28-4-5
Ilford Skating Rink, Ilford, Essex, United KingdomLTKO315x3
referee: Moss Deyong
Boxing November 6, 1929
1929-10-23Jack Millard26-5-3
Paddington Baths, Paddington, London, United KingdomWTKO815x3
referee: Ted Kid Lewis
Referee stopped the fight.
1929-10-09Johnny Cuthbert91-23-14
Holborn Stadium Club, Holborn, London, United KingdomLKO812x3
referee: Eugene Corri
‘Daly certainly did not lose a round until the last in which he was counted out, while in the second, the third, the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds, he was appreciably the superior. And then experience and determination, plus the heavier punch, turned the tide, if in common fairness to the wonderful “boy” it must also be said that the hardness of the ring floor had not a little to do with his final defeat.’ Boxing, Racing, and Football, 16th October 1929.
1929-10-03Arques Treves
Ilford Skating Rink, Ilford, Essex, United KingdomWKO215x3
Treves knocked down twice in the first round.
1929-09-15Billy Cain46-15-13
West Bromwich Rink Athletic Club, West Bromwich, West Midlands, United KingdomWRTD715
referee: W. J. Farnell
Attendance: 'nearly 10,000'
"Nipper Pat Daly, of London, the boy wonder boxer, outclassed Billy Cain, of Birmingham, in a scheduled 15-round contest... Cain's seconds threw in the towel in the seventh round. A feature of the contest was Daly's clever footwork, which caused Cain to miss repeatedly. His long left fought the Birmingham lad to the ropes again and again. The punch that won him the fight, however, was a right half-arm jolt that had Cain distressed from the second round." Daily Express 16 September 1929

1929-09-08Lew Pinkus23-28-8
Collins Music Hall, Islington, London, United KingdomWPTS1515
referee: Sydney W. Ackland
Pinkus was seconded by former world bantamweight champion Pedlar Palmer.
"Pinkus could never 'get on even terms' with his opponent for sheer skill and craft, but by his indomitable spirit and amazing courage he fought an uphill struggle in amazing fashion to the bitter end. Daly fought a cool and brainy battle, as usual... Daly was, of course, a clear-cut and clever points winner at the end of a most interesting fight." Boxing 11 September 1929

1929-09-01Con Lewis14-7-5
Vale Hall, Kilburn, London, United KingdomWRTD715
"Pat took some time to get going, and was content to let Lewis do the donkey work for a couple of rounds... But when Daly took up the running in the third Lewis knew all about it. Pat gave him no room to get set for a punch, and, try as he liked, Lewis had to play second fiddle. The bout was a real thriller while it lasted, and round after round was tolled off at a fast pace... Although Lewis was well behind as far as points were concerned, he did not let Daly have all the argument. He realised, however, that Pat was more than a match for him, and wisely retired at the end of the seventh round." Boxing 4/09/1929 page 147
1929-08-23Karl Schulze13-4-1
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWKO510
Daly knocked down for a nine count in the third round.
1929-08-11Jack Garland9-2-0
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWPTS1212x3
1929-08-05Tommy Rose35-10-1
Blackpool Football Ground, Blackpool, Lancashire, United KingdomWKO315x3
1929-07-07Alf Kid Pattenden29-6-4
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
referee: Jack Hart
Source: Boxing 10/07/1929 page 41
1929-06-21Jack Garland9-1-0
Clapton Stadium, Clapton, London, United KingdomWPTS88x3
referee: Bombadier Billy Wells
1929-06-13Jim Crawford23-7-3
Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool, Merseyside, United KingdomDPTS1515x3
1929-06-08Douglas Parker25-21-2
Holmeside Stadium, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomLKO115x3
Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Monday 10 June 1929 P 17
1929-05-23Jim Crawford23-6-3
Liverpool, Merseyside, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
referee: Ben Green
1929-05-18Joe Greenwood53-17-9
Holmeside Stadium, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomWTKO815
1929-05-12Kid Socks57-30-16
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWPTS1515x2
" each round Daly was there using both hands like piston rods to the face and body, with Socks doing his job as manfully as he could in the circumstances. Frankly, George wasn’t in it, and he was a very plucky lad to go the 15 rounds with the brilliant little Marylebone boy, for Daly won every round by a wide margin, but with Socks sticking to him like glue all the while." Boxing, 15/05/1929
1929-05-02Dick Corbett48-11-6
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomWPTS1010x3
referee: Matt Wells
"We saw both boxers striving to win. Daly, however, was generally the better ring general, and he utilised his skill and kept Corbett guessing during most of the rounds. Daly is not yet 17, but he possesses the inherent ring-craft of a boxer twice his age. Corbett was always trying to break through Daly’s defence, but he failed." The Daily Herald, 3/5/1929
"Daly was Daly, and we do not think we need say any more. He is truly a wonder and is now generally acknowledged as being in a boxing class by himself... Daly’s work was, as is invariably the case with him, positively brilliant. His flashing left found Corbett time and again, and the rapidity with which he used this was an object lesson for the older professionals present. Corbett fought a great battle, but he could never work up the speed of that left, while the snap of Nipper’s countering rights to the head brought applause time after time." Boxing, 8/05/1929

1929-04-12Packey McFarland14-1-3
Connaught Drill Hall, Portsmouth, Hampshire, United KingdomWPTS1515x2
referee: Ted Broadribb
Match made at 8 stone 8lb
"Daly, with the advantage in height and reach, proceeded to make full use of these, but McFarland was most aggressive at the start and assailing the Nipper fiercely sought to make a close quarter battle of it. Daly, however, kept his head, defended smartly, gave more than he had to take, and getting to long range made brilliant use of his left to the face. The Nipper was a long way ahead by the 10th, but McFarland then tore in like a tiger, whereupon the Nipper crossed him with a beautiful right, which sent Packey to the boards. The little Irishman jumped up at once, and in the remaining rounds strove most strenuously to turn the tables... at the close the Nipper was returned as the winner by a wide margin." Boxing, 17 April 1929

1929-04-08Arthur Young Adkins25-2-11
Victoria Baths, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United KingdomWPTS1515x2
Source: Boxing April 17, 1929
Contest made at 8st 10lbs 'give or take a couple of pounds'.

1929-03-21Nicolas Petit-Biquet27-9-5
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomWPTS1010x3
referee: Matt Wells
"We know what Biquet has done to some of our best, before Daly arrived, and yet it is a fact that none of them did with Biquet what this 16-year-old boy did last night. There was not a phase of the game of boxing at which Daly was not superior. When he consented to remain in at close quarters (Biquet’s game) people murmured or shouted warnings to him. But they soon left him to his own resources, for he was beating Biquet at the latter’s game... Biquet did not know what to do... It was a great win, on points, for the youngest boxer of the evening." The Daily Chronicle, 22/03/1929
"Biquet strove his hardest to punch holes in the frail-looking little lad from Marylebone, but the Nipper refused to be flurried. He blocked the Belgian’s body blows with his arms and elbows, and then scored at every opportunity... One or two more fights like this, and Nipper will find himself as big a draw as Jimmy Wilde used to be. Promoters who heard the roars which greeted his entry into the ring must now be aware that they need have no hesitation whatsoever in billing the Nipper as a star attraction. He is all that already." Boxing, 27/03/1929

1929-03-09Tommy Brown35-9-6
Holmeside Stadium, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomWTKO1215x3
1929-03-01Archie Woodbine8-6-3
Connaught Drill Hall, Portsmouth, Hampshire, United KingdomWTKO515
Woodbine substituted for Billy Cain (Birmingham)
"Daly, a wonderful lad, was far too good for his adversary, who was floored several times, and eventually retired in the fifth round." Evening News (Portsmouth) 2/3/1929

1929-02-24Billy Boulger28-8-9
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWPTS1515
"Nipper Pat Daly showed quite plainly that his frail-looking body and pipe-stem legs are no criterion when it comes to boxing, for he thoroughly outclassed Billy Boulger... Boulger, with Teddy Baldock in his corner, could never quite get a true line on Daly's flashing left, and although stronger, Boulger was usually the first to dance away from the few bursts of hard infighing that took place... Daly has a very fine knowledge of the game, and he often exhibited movements that brought cries of admiration from the densely packed hall. Boulger was dominated by Daly's speed and never given a chance to settle down." The Mid-Day Standard 25 February 1929
1929-02-17Jimmy Rowbotham20-4-5
Palais de Dance Athletic Club, West Bromwich, West Midlands, United KingdomWPTS1212
"Nipper Pat Daly continues to progress from strength to strength... On Sunday last he was meeting the newly enthroned bantamweight champion of the Midlands, Jimmy Rowbotham, over 12 rounds, and from the first stage to the last always held the mastery, sailing home at the close a clever and comfortable winner on points." Boxing, 20/02/1929
1929-01-26Billy Smith40-7-4
Holmeside Stadium, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomWPTS1515x2
referee: Fred Charlton | judge: Len Johnson | judge: J.J. Holmes
Len Johnson (Manchester middleweight) and John Holmes acted as judges in conjunction with referee Fred Charlton. The three were unanimous in declaring Daly the winner.
"As the fight progressed Daly was showing the greater skill, his straight deliveries with left and right helping him along considerably. Smith continued to pursue aggressive tactics, but Daly always met him cooly and frustrated his efforts to get in an effective blow. The closing rounds were fiercely contested, but Daly maintained his superiority to the end." The Sunderland Echo, 28/01/1929
"Daly boxed with strength and confidence to the conclusion of the bout, and won well on points." Boxing, 30/01/1929

1929-01-14Jimmy Rowbotham19-2-5
Alcazar, Edmonton, London, United KingdomWPTS1515x2
"Gradually Pat forced on top and Rowbotham began to find it impossible to keep his rival away, and he so tired in the closing stages that he ran so frequently to holds as to cause the referee to enter the square from the 13th. Never have we seen Daly so persistently aggressive, as he was in this encounter, and his tactics well paid for he was a long way ahead on points at the close." Boxing 16/01/1929
1929-01-09Arthur Boddington31-19-9
National Sporting Club, Covent Garden, London, United KingdomWPTS1010x3
Source: Boxing 16/01/1929 page 418
1929-01-07Willi Metzner1-1-2
Rheinlandhalle, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWDQ26
1928-12-22Tiny Smith32-52-15
Holmeside Stadium, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
1928-12-17Bert Kirby45-7-5
Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, West Midlands, United KingdomWPTS1212x3
referee: Eugene Corri
"It was assumed that Kirby would have a soft job on hand in his 15-year-old opponent, but the 'old Professor's' pupil upset all the odds and left Birmingham rubbing its eyes in wonder. The 'Nipper' won practically every round and practically walked home by the length of the whole journey from London to the Midlands." Boxing 19/12/1928
"Nipper Pat Daly, who is not yet 16 years old, flung a bomb into British boxing circles by easily outpointing Bert Kirby at Birmingham. It is almost unbelievable that Kirby, whom we saw box so splendidly against Petit Biquet at the last Albert Hall show, was been beaten by a youngster of such slender years and experience." Daily Express 20/12/1928

1928-12-11Young McManus18-3-0
Promenade Pier, Plymouth, Devon, United KingdomWPTS1515x2
"Pat Daly proved to be just as clever as he is made out to be... McManus deserves praise for staying 15 rounds with Daly, who is regarded as London's 'Wonder Boy' and a coming world's champion." Western Evening Herald, 13 December 1928.
1928-12-06George Garrard63-24-6
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomWPTS88x3
"Daly, the 15 year-old wonder boy, opened this affair with the utmost confidence and as if not in the least perturbed by the fact that his opponent is a proved and seasoned ring general... Garrard pulled out all he knew to catch the youngster… but he found himself opposed to an almost rock-like defence and was always compelled to play second fiddle to a lad who outspeeded him at every point. Daly made a great impression by his display of boxing, which was so good as to be almost flawless... Garrard, who received a good deal of facial pubishment, told us after he dressed that Daly is the best boy he has ever met, and that is saying something for George has met them in real championship class." Boxing 12/12/1928 page341
1928-11-26Johnny Murton31-24-3
Alcazar, Edmonton, London, United KingdomWDQ515x3
Low blow disqualification.
1928-11-08Frank Kestrell39-34-5
The Ring, Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, United KingdomWTKO1215
"Kestrell is an experienced man, one who was somewhat strongly fancied for the flyweight title a few years ago. He knows the game, and was expected to test the boy's qualities pretty severely, but the Nipper, even if he has still over three months to travel to his 16th birthday, was as good as a seasoned veteran." Boxing, 13 November 1928
"...Kestrell fell so far behind on points that the referee stopped the bout in Daly's favour at the end of the twelfth round." Sporting Life, 9 November 1928

1928-11-04Jack Connell
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWTKO915x3
After winning two army championships, this was Connell's first professional fight. Referee stopped the fight.
1928-10-21Billy Yates12-4-1
Manor Hall, Hackney, London, United KingdomWTKO715x3
1928-09-30Ludwig Minow11-5-3
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWPTS1010
1928-06-21Dod Oldfield41-18-9
Ilford Skating Rink, Ilford, Essex, United KingdomLPTS1515x2
referee: Jack Morris
"So far as the registration of boxing points was concerned there was only one in it in the majority of the rounds, and where and how Oldfield won must forever be a puzzle... When the referee Mr. Jack Morris, declared in favour of Oldfield there was a loud outburst of protestation in the shape of booing by the crowd, for the decision was as unpopular as it appeared to be unfair." Boxing, 27 June 1928.
"Daly had won easily when the decision was given in favour of Oldfield, which was booed by every spectator in the house." Daily Express, 22 June 1928

1928-06-07Kid Rich21-44-10
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWPTS1515
referee: Jack Hart
"Rich is like a bouncing ball. He tears in with both hands punching, and then darts away only to come back full of pep again... But Daly's long left hand kept him ahead on points despite the savage attacks at close quarters that Rich kept coming in with... Pat's cleverer boxing all through the bout rightly earned him Jack Hart's verdict." Boxing 13/06/1928
1928-05-18Giovanni Sili5-1-3
National Sporting Club, Covent Garden, London, United KingdomWPTS1010x3
"Nipper Pat Daly had been asked to concede several years and, as it appeared, some few lbs (they fought at catchweights) to Giovanni Sili, the flyweight champion of Italy... Pat kept cool and boxed brilliantly... The boy had sensed at once that his opponent was laying traps and he wouldn't be caught. Sili essayed every move of which he could think, coming on now left hand first, now with a southpaw stance, and at other times with double-handed assaults. Pat met him at every turn, gave one of the best performances of his already brilliant career, and won well." Boxing 23/05/1928 page 683
1928-04-29Young Battling Siki21-8-11
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomLRTD415x3
1928-04-01Lud Abella13-14-1
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomDPTS1515
"Nipper Pat scored all the points there were, while Abella hung on and wrestled. The referee, for some reason best known to himself, called it a draw." Boxing 4 April 1928
1928-03-28Jimmy Lindsay18-3-3
Fulham Baths, Fulham, London, United KingdomWPTS1515x2
Weigh-in at 2pm at Bedford Arms, Dawes Road.
"It was an easy win for Daly, who did not lose a single round." Boxing 4 April 1928

1928-03-19Tommy Brown27-2-6
King Street Drill Hall, Blackburn, Lancashire, United KingdomWPTS1212
referee: Ben Green
"Both were extremely clever, and neither spared the other. Spells of boxing which were a delight to watch were followed by occasional spasms of real hard fighting... Tommy Brown gave the Professor's colt the hardest fight of his career, but Daly fully justified his title of the 'Wonder Boy'." Boxing 27/03/1928
"In announcing Daly as the winner, Mr Ben Green, the referee, described the fight as wonderful. Brown, he said, was not disgraced and he considered him the best fighting flyweight in the North of England. Daly, he remarked, was the wonder boy of Great Britain." Blackburn Times 24/03/1928

1928-03-15Lud Abella13-12-1
Liverpool Stadium, Pudsey Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, United KingdomWPTS1515
Match made at 8 stone
"Daly started on speedy lines, and scored from all angles. Abella favoured infighting, and at times Daly obliged him, where he came out quite as well as the local. Round after round went in Daly's favour, and Abella's only hope was a chance knockout. This never appeared likely to materialise as the youngster was smart on his legs and invariably moving away when Abella's swings caught him... Daly was repeatedly cheered for his super cleverness, and though Abella fought fiercely, he was outpointed every round." Boxing 20 March 1928 page 539

1928-03-11Mark Lesnick23-11-5
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomNCNC1115
referee: Jack Hart
"Jack Hart's decision of 'No Contest' in the 11th round was a just and correct one. Yet Lesnick was more at fault than the frail-looking Daly, who certainly tried to make a clean fight of it. Lesnick's plan in keeping to close quarters was no doubt a wise one, but he would have been more successful if he had cut out the rough stuff. Young Pat knows a trick or two himself, and he followed suit when Lesnick started, with the result that one of the poorest bouts imaginable was seen... Daly wanted a straight fight, but was continuously 'claimed' by a tough, strong fighter... Still, had Jack Hart allowed the contest to go on, as he allowed Lesnick's low punches to pass, Daly might have put paid to Mark's account. Lesnick was getting demoralised towards the close... At the boxing game Daly could lose Mark any day." Boxing 13/03/1928 pages 520-522
1928-03-05Johnny (Young) Summers11-9-3
Armoury, Stockport, Cheshire, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
1928-02-19Harry Yates17-8-3
National Sporting Club, Leeds, Yorkshire, United KingdomWPTS1010
referee: Ben Green
"These lads were matched to come at 7st. 12lb, under forfeit, but although Daly made the weight with ease Yates came in 2 and a half lb heavier. Prof. Andrew Newton, who has so carefully and skillfully trained the London lad, was denied a forfeit, but he decided to allow his protégé to go on... [Daly gave] a wonderful display of boxing and finished up a good winner by a comfortable margin of points." Boxing 21/02/1928 page 479
1928-02-05Kid Rich16-36-9
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWPTS1212
"Daly's left hand played havoc with Rich at long range, but when Rich bored in for some two-handed work at close quarters, to which he added some doubtful tactics, he certainly worried Daly almost out of his stride. Some hectic exchanges took place during the last two rounds, the 11th and 12th, but Daly was a long way ahead at the close and well deserved the decision." Boxing 7/02/1928
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