Solly Smith
Global ID10706
birthdate 1871-03-00
death date 1933-08-28 (62)
height5′ 4″   /   163cm
country USA
residenceLos Angeles, California, USA
birth placeLos Angeles, California, USA
birth nameSolomon Garcia Smith
won 27 (KO 18) + lost 14 (KO 7) + drawn 19 = 64
rounds boxed 704
Newspaper Decisions won 1 : lost : drawn
rounds boxed 6
Total Bouts 65 KO% 27.69

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1904-08-26Billy Snailham16-4-5
San Diego A.C., San Diego, California, USALKO320
referee: Charlie Brummert
Smith knocked out by a right swing to the solar plexus. SF Call
1902-11-11Billy DeCoursey8-7-6
Hazard's Pavilion, Los Angeles, California, USALKO10
1901-09-05Kid McFadden18-5-10
Oak Park, Sacramento, California, USALDQ7
1901-06-18Joe Bernstein16-13-21
Hazard's Pavilion, Los Angeles, California, USADPTS2020
referee: Harry Stuart
1901-05-10Joe Bernstein16-13-20
Hazard's Pavilion, Los Angeles, California, USADPTS2020
1900-06-22Joe Bernstein15-9-20
Broadway A.C., New York, New York, USALDQ1425
referee: Johnny White
Smith down 3 times in 14th
1900-05-28Billy Maynard5-4-3
Sampson A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWKO1020
referee: John P. Eckhardt
1900-03-17Turkey Point Billy Smith3-9-4
Tattersall's, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS66
1900-03-03Billy Barrett18-7-15
Greenwood A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS2020
1900-01-15Frank Patterson9-3-13
Hercules A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS2525
Reported as the third draw in three fights between the two
1899-10-02Jack McClelland22-1-8
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USALDQ6
referee: Joe Quinn
Smith was disqualified for hitting during a clinch
1899-08-18Joe Bernstein11-6-16
Broadway A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALKO1325
1899-07-10Frank Patterson9-3-12
Coney Island A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS2525
1899-05-20Frank Patterson9-3-10
Greenwood A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS2020
referee: Ed Dougherty
1899-02-07Oscar Gardner59-5-16
Lenox A.C., New York, New York, USALKO625
referee: Charlie White
Featherweight Championship of America
1898-09-26Dave Sullivan16-1-7
Greater New York A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALTKO525
referee: Aleck Brown
World Featherweight Title
"The bout was stopped at the end of the fifth round by the referee, who awarded the honors to Sullivan. During the second round Smith had the misfortune to break his left arm near the wrist. He used it lightly a few times in the third round, but it hung loosely in the next two rounds, and it was seen by everybody that the Californian could not continue. Smith's accident robbed him of what certainly would have been a victory, as it was apparent to everyone that he was by far the cleverer." (Cripple Creek Morning Times)

1898-08-01Tommy White25-5-19
Greater New York A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS2525
referee: Aleck Brown
World Featherweight Title
Smith down in round 22

1898-07-07Billy O'Donnell13-6-9
Olympic A.C., Buffalo, New York, USAWDQ720
referee: Walter C Kelly
World Featherweight Title
This fight ended in the seventh round according to the Buffalo Courier.

1898-04-18Eddie Santry17-1-3
Tattersall's, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS66
Fought at 122lbs.
1897-10-04George Dixon45-3-24
Woodward's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USAWPTS2020
referee: George Green
World Featherweight Title
Fought at 120lbs ringside

1897-08-20Johnny Griffin5-7-3
Woodward's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USAWKO720
1897-05-04Martin Flaherty13-5-13
Broadway A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWPTS2525
1897-03-13Oscar Gardner25-2-5
Broadway A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWPTS2020
Gardner down once each in the 8th, 17th, and 18th rounds but Smith count not put him out. Fought at 120lbs.
1897-01-12Tommy White17-3-13
Bohemian Sporting Club, New York, New York, USADPTS2525
referee: Frank Abraham
1896-11-09Willie Smith5-0-0
National Sporting Club, Covent Garden, London, United KingdomWTKO820x3
referee: Bernard J Angle
Billed World 118lbs Title
The Dundee Courier & Argus (Dundee, Scotland), Tuesday, November 10, 1896
The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent. Supplement. (Sheffield, England), Tuesday, November 10, 1896

1896-06-30Johnny Lavack10-1-4
Red Cross Rink, Cleveland, Ohio, USADPTS1010
referee: Walter C Kelly
1896-06-22Frank Patterson4-1-4
Eastern A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWPTS1010
1896-06-01Dolly Lyons4-2-3
South Brooklyn A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS1010
referee: John P. Eckhardt
1896-03-21Jerry Barnett8-3-4
Grand Central Palace, New York, New York, USAWTKO56
The police stopped the bout.
1896-02-22Johnny Lavack10-0-3
West Newton Street Armory, Boston, Massachusetts, USADPTS1515
1895-12-23Torpedo Billy Murphy79-28-13
Olympic Club, New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWTKO1420
referee: Professor John Duffy
The Sportsman-Police intervened.
1895-05-15George Siddons15-9-15
Manhattan A.C., New York, New York, USAWUD88
referee: Charles H. Sagel | judge: John Wilson Gibbs | judge: W H Henry
Fought at 120 pounds.
1895-04-11Jack Mullen
Leland Opera House, Albany, New York, USAWPTS66
1895-03-22Jerome Quigley3-0-2
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USANCND44
1895-03-16Billy McCarthy19-10-11
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USANCND44
1895-03-04Tom Denny1-0-1
Seaside A.C., Coney Island, New York, USADPTS1010
1894-11-27Oscar Gardner20-1-3
Buffalo A.C., Buffalo, New York, USALDQ515
referee: John P. Eckhardt
Smith was disqualified for punching Gardner while the latter was down
1894-10-26Johnny Van Heest42-3-7
Buffalo A.C., Buffalo, New York, USADPTS1515
referee: Yank Sullivan
Van Heest overweight and paid forfeit.
1894-10-02Frank Erne10-0-5
Buffalo A.C., Buffalo, New York, USADPTS1010
referee: Jack Moynihan
1894-03-07George (Kid) Lavigne20-0-6
Arbeiter Hall, Saginaw, Michigan, USALPTS88
referee: Walter Grimmon
Fight ended in a prearranged draw since both fighters were on their feet. (Chicago Tribune)
Some sources report Lavigne winning the decision such as the Detroit Free-Press.

1894-01-03Young Griffo47-2-14
Tivoli Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS66x2
1893-11-13Jimmy Murphy0-1-2
Tattersall's, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO2
1893-09-25George Dixon30-2-14
Coney Island A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALTKO7
time: 2:42 | referee: John P. Eckhardt
World Featherweight Title, weigh-in six hours prior at 118lbs, give or take 2lbs
This was a finish fight for a $9000 purse, of which winner got $8000; after the bout Smith was arrested for having participating in his prior bout at Roby, IN

1893-07-10Johnny Griffin5-2-2
Columbian Athletic Club, Roby, Indiana, USAWKO4
Billed for the World Featherweight title, 122 lbs at noon
Dixon remains champ at 120 lbs -- Wyatt Earp the timekeeper

1893-06-10Oscar Gardner10-0-1
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USALKO6
Kansas City Daily Journal
1893-05-08Oscar Gardner8-0-1
Phoenix A.C., Saint Paul, Minnesota, USALPTS66
referee: John Barnes
St. Paul Daily Globe
1893-04-15Frankie McHugh0-1-1
2nd Regiment Armory, Chicago, Illinois, USAWNWS66
No referee was allowed in the fight, and the police stopped it in the 3rd round after McHugh was knocked down twice and severely beaten. The police sent the men back to their corners. When the fight resumed, there was only light sparring for the rest of the bout. Chicago Tribune
1893-01-01Harry Dally1-2-2
Exact date, location and decision unknown.
1892-12-29Johnny Van Heest38-2-5
California A.C., San Francisco, California, USAWKO14
referee: Billy Jordan
Fight to a finish. The bout was of the hurricane order, with a lot of foul work on Smith's part, who threw Heest and ran his knees into his neck and face, or dropped on top of Van Heest, the referee never giving a single warning about that, as if it were a LPR fight. Van Heest knocked Smith down in the 6th, breaking his nose with the punch. In the 14th round Van Heest was thrown on his back, striking his head heavily on the floor, and was counted out. (SF Morning Call)
1892-09-29George Siddons10-4-9
California A.C., San Francisco, California, USADPTS56
referee: Hiram Cook
1892-07-08Dan Daly1-1-1
Pacific A.C., San Francisco, California, USAWKO3
1892-05-24Dal Hawkins5-1-2
California A.C., San Francisco, California, USAWKO13
referee: Hiram Cook
This was a fight to the finish for a $1500 purse. Source: The Los Angeles Times
1892-02-25Tommy Smith
New Cribb A.C., Los Angeles, California, USAWKO2
1891-12-03Dennis Mahoney
Pastime A.C., Los Angeles, California, USAWKO15
referee: John Brink
Featherweight Championship of the Coast
Smith had his brother, Seward, in his corner. Both boxers were down in the fourteenth round, but Mahoney was down three times during the bout before a right to the jaw put him down for the count. Up to this point in time, it was felt that Mahoney fought better boxers than Smith. The Los Angeles Times

1891-08-27Young Billy Manning0-1-0
Pastime A.C., Los Angeles, California, USAWKO6
referee: Mort Curen
Correct date from LA Herald
1890-09-03Dave Williams
Pasadena, California, USADPTS1010
1889-12-05Young Abbott
Los Angeles, California, USAWPTS44
Exact date unknown. Source Syracuse Herald, Nov 8, 1911
1889-12-01Billy Jones
Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO13
Exact date unknown. Source Syracuse Herald, Nov 8, 1911
1889-11-01Pete Cummings
Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO1
1889-10-01Young Billy Moore0-1-0
Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO5
Exact date unknown. Source Syracuse Herald, Nov 8, 1911
1889-09-01Young Billy Moore
Los Angeles, California, USAWPTS?
Exact date and decision unknown.
1889-06-01Jack Golden
Los Angeles, California, USAWKO2
1888-12-12Joe 'Kid' Hogan
Sacramento, California, USANCNC29
1888-08-01Joe Soto
Los Angeles, California, USADPTS66
Exact date unknown. Source Syracuse Herald, Nov 8, 1911
1888-07-01Billy Smith0-1-0
Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO7
Exact date unknown. Source Syracuse Herald, Nov 8, 1911


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