Fireman Jim Flynn
Global ID11641
birthdate 1879-12-24
death date 1935-04-12 (55)
height5′ 10½″   /   179cm
reach69″   /   175cm
aliasAndrew Haynes
country USA
residencePueblo, Colorado, USA
birth placeHoboken, New Jersey, USA
birth nameAndrew Chiariglione
won 64 (KO 51) + lost 45 (KO 26) + drawn 18 = 129
rounds boxed 983
Newspaper Decisions won 10 : lost 14 : drawn 3
rounds boxed 262
Total Bouts 156 KO% 32.69

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1925-10-30Steve Ramos2-0-0
Phoenix, Arizona, USALTKO26
The referee stopped the bout after Flynn had been knocked down several times.
1925-05-16Sergeant Jack Lynch29-12-7
Kelly's Pastime Hall, Winslow, Arizona, USALPTS1010
1924-09-03Young Spence6-2-0
Soledad Roof, San Antonio, Texas, USALNWS1010
referee: Louis Kid Albert
Newspaper decision from the San Antonio Light
1924-01-06Sam Langford168-27-36
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoLPTS88
1923-10-19Sam Langford165-26-36
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoLKO315
"Jim Flynn, veteran Pueblo fireman was knocked out in the third round of a 15 round fight here last night by Sam Langford, the old Boston tar baby." (Sheboygan Press Telegram, contributed by Wouter Val Alst) This result was confirmed by Bob Yalen from Excelsior, Mexico City, and was reported in Boxing Blade, November 3, 1923, page 13.
1923-09-17Tiger Flowers45-7-2
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoWRTD5
The fight was stopped after 5 rounds with Flowers unable to continue because of an injured hand.
1923-08-05Andres Balsa14-9-1
1923-08-02Sam Langford164-25-36
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoLPTS1010
Bout held during Aug 1923
1923-06-02Sully Montgomery11-5-0
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoLKO3
1922-05-26Ole Anderson9-10-5
Omaha, Nebraska, USADPTS1010
1922-05-03Chief Metoquah2-0-0
Guymon, Oklahoma, USALKO610
1922-04-17Mike Schubert0-1-0
Hoisington, Kansas, USAWKO3
1922-03-17Ben Sheff
Fort Worth, Texas, USAWKO2
1922-02-21Abe Brennan
Liberty A.C. Clubroom, Burkburnett, Texas, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Wichita Daily Times
1922-02-10Carl Morris48-12-2
Coliseum, Fort Worth, Texas, USALPTS1010
1921-12-27Harvey Perkins3-1-3
Iris Theatre, Casper, Wyoming, USALPTS1010
1921-12-14Sully Montgomery5-1-0
Fort Worth, Texas, USAWPTS1010
1921-09-28Jack Danforth
Pueblo, Colorado, USAWKO110
(Tulsa World, September 30, 1921)
1921-09-05George Coplen3-4-1
Cripple Creek, Colorado, USAWKO110
Date: Tuesday, September 6, 1921 Paper: Denver Post (Denver, CO) Page: 16
1921-07-04Willie Keeler8-4-3
Montrose, Colorado, USALDQ10
1921-01-29Tiny Jim Herman13-3-6
Armory, Seattle, Washington, USALPTS44
referee: Ted Whitman
A benefit for the families of four policemen slain by bandits. It netted about $5,000. "Scotti Nate" Druxman and "Caruso Dan" Salt were the announcers, and Lonnie Marmaduke Austin was master of ceremonies. Seattle Daily Times
1920-11-30Boy McCormick21-4-5
Crystal Pool, Seattle, Washington, USALPTS44
referee: Adolph Schacht
1920-11-15Young Hector15-9-4
Community House, Charleston, Washington, USALPTS44
Flynn took a nine-count in the fourth round, the bell saving him. Benefit for the Salvation Army. Bremerton News
1920-09-24Young Hector14-9-4
Elks Club, Bremerton, Washington, USALPTS44
Two days earlier, both boxers were arrested by Sheriff Dan Davis for "agreeing to engage in a prize-fight." Venue: The Elks Gym at 5th & Pacific Streets. Bremerton News
1920-06-17Steve Reynolds22-19-18
Liberty Park, Seattle, Washington, USAWPTS44
1920-01-19Young Hector10-4-4
Armory, Seattle, Washington, USALTKO56
1920-01-01Willie Keeler4-2-0
Armory, Yakima, Washington, USADPTS66
1919-11-14Pete Jessler0-1-0
Yakima, Washington, USAWTKO3
1919-10-03Ole Anderson5-2-3
Aberdeen, Washington, USALPTS44
1919-09-05Harry Aune
Outdoor Arena, Mackay, Idaho, USAWKO310
Aune had recently returned from army service and was said to be champion of 91st Division.
1919-05-07Jimmy Darcy26-18-24
Dreamland Arena, San Diego, California, USALPTS44
1919-04-11Jerry Schumann
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USALTKO24
Flynn who is being beaten handily, steps through the ropes, signaling that he was done fighting
1919-02-22Fat LaRue4-0-0
Coliseum, San Francisco, California, USALKO14
time: 1:22 | referee: Toby Irwin
Flynn took the count on one knee, then jumped up belatedly after the referee had tolled the fatal ten-count.
1919-02-13Jimmy Darcy24-16-22
Heilig Theater, Portland, Oregon, USALPTS66
Flynn was knocked down in the 2nd
1918-12-16Billy Miske23-1-2
Convention Hall, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USALKO215
time: 0:35 | referee: Edward W. Cochrane
Flynn was down once in each round.
1918-11-28Bob Williams
Coliseum, Des Moines, Iowa, USAWKO110
time: 0:40
1918-06-27Hugh Walker3-2-4
Joplin, Missouri, USAWNWS1010
Fight was cut from 12 rounds to 10 due to the demands of Flynn (Kansas City Times).
1918-02-14Jack Dempsey31-3-9
Fort Sheridan, Illinois, USALKO110
time: 1:10
1917-03-20Bob Devere22-5-2
Pioneer Sporting Club, New York, New York, USALNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1917-02-13Jack Dempsey23-1-5
Trocadero Hall, Murray, Utah, USAWKO115
time: 0:25 | referee: Frank Armstrong
With Dempsey still bent over and walking toward Flynn, both forearms and gloves covering his face, Flynn rushed again. The Pueblo battler gave Dempsey's head a quick shove toward his right and sent a short right hand hook through Dempsey's guard and straight to the point of the chin. (Salt Lake Telegram)
1916-07-25Texas Tate4-1-3
Chickasha, Oklahoma, USAWDQ315
(The Lawton Constitution)
1916-07-04Jack Dillon76-2-9
Dewey, Oklahoma, USALKO415
time: 1:47 | referee: Edward W. Cochrane
Flynn down three times in the fourth round, the last time for the count. Ogden Standard
1916-03-17Fred Fulton21-4-0
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALKO210
1916-03-10Jack Dillon74-2-9
Manhattan A.C., New York, New York, USALNWS1010
New York Times
1915-12-25Battling Levinsky23-3-3
Broadway S.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALNWS1010
New York Times
1915-11-30Jack Dillon69-2-9
Broadway S.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALNWS1010
New York Times
1915-09-22Al Reich14-2-0
Kansas City, Missouri, USADPTS1010
1915-09-06Morgan Williams24-4-8
Victor, Colorado, USAWTKO1415
The first three rounds were even and the next six were won by Williams. After that Flynn took over and punished Williams until he was so dazed that his handlers threw in the towel.
1915-07-16Andy Malloy4-5-6
Princess Theater, Pueblo, Colorado, USAWKO220
time: 0:30 | referee: R.A. Hamilton
Malloy was down in the 2nd round. (Denver Post)
1915-05-31Jim Coffey27-1-0
Brighton Beach A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALKO9
1915-02-01Gunboat Smith45-8-5
Cincinnati, Ohio, USALNWS1010
New York Times
1915-01-12Al Reich11-1-0
Broadway S.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from New York City newspapers (Jack Kincaid). Flynn broke his left wrist, and Reich sprained his right wrist. Tacoma Daily News
1915-01-01Tony Ross22-11-6
Germania Hall, Rochester, New York, USALNWS1010
referee: Harry Bollock
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
1914-12-26George Davis15-4-0
Elmwood Music Hall, Buffalo, New York, USAWKO710
referee: Joe Suttner
1914-10-29Carl Morris25-3-1
Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1010
1914-10-20Battling Levinsky22-2-1
Broadway S.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALNWS1010
Levinsky won the newspaper decision by a wide margin according to the New York Times
1914-10-05Jack Dillon60-2-7
Association Park, Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1010
1914-09-07Al Norton1-1-1
Kansas City, Missouri, USAWKO610
1914-06-08Carl Morris22-3-1
Joplin, Missouri, USALDQ9
1914-04-24Jim Coffey18-1-0
St. Nicholas Rink, New York, New York, USALKO410
referee: Billy Joh
Flynn was knocked down 6 times and thrown to the floor twice. This was the inaugural promotion of Billy Gibson's Stadium A.C.
1914-03-03Jack Dillon53-2-6
Grand Avenue A.C., Kansas City, Missouri, USADPTS1010
referee: Dave Porteous
Dillon was an easy winner according to Kansas City Star. Flynn was down three times in the 2nd round.
1914-02-14Jim Francis1-8-2
Salt Lake City, Utah, USAWKO410
Final round of fight is uncertain, but probably as ahown. Source: Bob Yalen.
1914-01-20Tim Logan3-6-0
Rhode Island A.C., Thornton, Rhode Island, USAWKO215
1914-01-15Jack Driscoll1-2-0
Atlantic Garden A.C., New York, New York, USAWKO6
1913-12-22George Rodel18-7-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALNWS1010
Rodel won the newspaper decision according to the New York Times
1913-12-09Battling Levinsky18-1-1
Atlantic Garden A.C., New York, New York, USALNWS1010
New York Times
1913-08-08Gunboat Smith36-6-4
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALTKO510
referee: Billy Joh
1913-05-23Jim Coffey15-1-0
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USADNWS1010
(Boston Globe)
1913-04-16Luther McCarty15-0-1
Olympia A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
"McCarthy led throughout the fight and frequently compelled his opponent to clinch to avoid his vicious straight left jabs. Although he appeared to be outclassed from the start, Flynn, the Pueblo fireman, rushed into clinch after clinch and succeeded in landing many blows on the champion at close quarters. McCarthy, however seemed to be in the pink of condition and was not affected by Flynn's hooks. (...) With straight jabs he pounded away at his opponent's face. At the end of the first round Flynn's nose was bleeding, in the second round his mouth was cut and before the close of the bout one eye was nearly closed." (Indianapolis Star)
1912-12-10Luther McCarty13-0-1
Vernon, California, USALTKO1620
referee: Charles Eyton
Referee Eyton heeded the demands of the crowd to stop the slaughter.
1912-09-02Charley Miller16-6-7
Daly City, California, USAWRTD1520
referee: Spider Kelly
Miiler was said to have sustained a broken rib and refused to come out for the 16th round. SEATTLE STAR
1912-07-04Jack Johnson38-5-7
Las Vegas, New Mexico, USALDQ945
referee: Wn. W. Smith
World Heavyweight Title
The referee repeatedly warned Flynn for head-butting. (Fight film shows Flynn head-butting, apparently trying to get loose while the taller Johnson constantly holds him at the back of his upper arms. Flynn reportedly hurled racial epithets at Johnson, too.) The sheriff climbed into the ring to stop this bout and referee Smith awarded it to Johnson on a foul.

1912-02-24Leopold McLaglan
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO3
Actually this was Leopold McLaglan, a brother of Victor who used the name Victor Fred Mclaglan
1912-01-17Al Williams0-2-0
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO210
1911-12-27Tony Caponi22-11-19
Colonial Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah, USAWKO310
referee: Willard Bean
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