Diego Sosa
Global ID13250
birthdate 1919-00-00
death date 1986-03-04 (67)
aliasEl Tigre del Cerro
country Cuba
residenceHavana, Cuba
birth placeHavana, Cuba
won 94 (KO 50) + lost 35 (KO 8) + drawn 10 = 140
rounds boxed 972 KO% 35.71

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1953-04-15Damaso Collazo19-6-1
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaLPTS1010
1953-02-28Candido Gonzalez15-1-4
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaDPTS1010
1952-12-02Glen Flanagan61-11-10
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USALUD1010
Sosa was down in the 1st
1952-11-22Pedro Calderon6-12-5
Guines, CubaWKO510
1952-10-22Larry Mujica28-7-1
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USALSD1010
1952-10-07Pat Iacobucci52-18-8
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USAWPTS1010
1952-09-13Cachorro Herrera18-14-5
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWKO910
1952-08-16Baby Vasquez24-6-1
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaLPTS1010
1952-08-02Lenny Alvarez40-11-3
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWKO810
1952-07-15Ralph Dupas25-2-3
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USALMD1010x2
referee: Bill Regan 3-3 | judge: Gus Jacobson 2-5 | judge: Tommy DeTardo 3-5
1952-06-21Cachorro Herrera17-13-4
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaDPTS1010
1952-05-24Cachorro Herrera17-12-4
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWTKO610
1952-04-08Lenny Alvarez39-8-3
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USALKO310
1952-03-05Jackie Graves76-8-1
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USALPTS1010
Sosa floored Graves twice in the first round. After that Jackie resorted to fouling. It was a riotous affair, Sosa being down six times and Graves five. Afterward, Graves' manager (Lou Viscusi) and Sosa's manager (Allie Zack) fought it out behind the Auditorium.
1952-02-20Jackie Graves76-7-1
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USAWTKO610
time: 2:10 | referee: Cy Gottfried
Sosa floored Graves five times, and Graves put Sosa down once.
1952-02-10Cecilio Fernandez7-1-2
Camaguey, CubaWKO410
1952-01-09Alex Fimbres27-13-2
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USAWPTS88
1951-12-28Jose Moro Duany4-4-1
Havana, CubaWTKO38
1951-12-22Arquimedes Yirac3-20-4
Sancti Spiritus, CubaWKO310
1951-12-08Baby Gavilan31-14-11
Camaguey, CubaWPTS1010
1951-11-17Honey Boy Williams21-3-3
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWKO210
Fight ended in round two according to Jack Kincaid (Havana newspapers), not in first round as usually given.
1951-11-03Baby Neff Ortiz22-7-3
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWPTS1010
1951-09-22Baby Neff Ortiz21-7-3
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaLTKO710
"Sosa was unlucky to be stopped due to a badly cut eye." (The Ring, January 1951, page 59.
1951-08-26Pedro Calderon6-10-5
Ciego de Avila, CubaWKO510
1951-08-18Emilio Figueroa28-3-2
Camaguey, CubaWKO310
1951-06-30Harold Dade38-26-6
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWUD1010
1951-06-02Baby Cuna1-3-0
Guines, CubaWPTS66
1951-05-26Pedro Calderon6-9-5
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWTKO310
Ring 1951 August gave round as 3
1951-04-28Walter Stevens49-24-0
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWKO28
1951-04-07Antonio Alvarez17-26-8
Santa Clara, CubaWTKO38
1951-02-28Sandy Saddler118-8-2
Havana, CubaLKO210
referee: Joe Coego
World Jr. Lightweight Title
Recognized by Ohio
This fight ended in a riot. Sosa stepped on Saddler's shoes and brushed his hair over his eyes during clinches. Saddler retaliated with rabbit punches. They went down together during which time Saddler landed a few punches. Referee Joe Coego picked up the count at eight, when Saddler had already arisen. Sosa was counted out. The crowd thought that Saddler had fouled Sosa and this resulted in the riot. (From The Ring, May 1951, page 51.)

1951-01-16Antonio Alvarez17-25-8
Gimnasio Rafael Trejo, Havana, CubaWPTS88
1950-11-18Jose Moro Duany3-3-1
Matanzas, CubaWKO310
A couple of duplications of this fight were previously listed in this record.
1950-11-08Ovidio Ochoa15-5-2
Matanzas, CubaWKO310
1950-10-14Ciro Moracen46-9-7
Club Gallistico, Camaguey, CubaLKO110
time: 2:45
Cuban featherweight title
1950-09-23Battleship Martinez6-8-2
Camaguey, CubaWPTS1010
1950-09-16Chocolate Ramos1-3-0
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWKO110
1950-09-09Kid Cienfuegos
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWKO510
1950-08-26Alvin Stevens0-1-0
Club Gallistico, Camaguey, CubaWKO510
Stevens was down twice in round five before taking the full count.
1950-08-12Memo Valero30-8-0
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWKO610
After four hard-fought and close rounds, Sosa took control. Valero had tired and took punishment in round five which finally caused him to take an 8-count at the end of the round. In the sixth round, Valero took another 8-count and then finally was put down for the full count.
1950-07-08Humberto Sierra46-17-3
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWTKO710
It was a close fight for four rounds, but Sosa took control in round five "was all over sierra and cut him around the eyes." Sierra did not come out for round sexen.
1949-10-22Humberto Sierra43-15-3
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaLPTS1010
This was a sensational fight, with Sosa landing the harder blows and Sierra connecting more often.
1949-10-08Baby Chichi24-19-5
Manzanillo, CubaWTKO210
Chichi was knocked down four times in two rounds.
1949-09-24Wilfredo Mayet27-7-0
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWTKO110
Mayet was floored four times, causing the referee to stop the fight and award it to Sosa.
1949-09-10Tony Alvarez7-2-2
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWPTS1010
1949-07-30Renaldo Saguita Fernandez3-1-1
Sagua, CubaNCNC48
According to The Ring, November 1949, page 55, this fight had an unsatisfactory conclusion. Sosa was winning comfortably when he was butted by Fernandez during a clinch. The referee, Adolfo Giz, raised Fernndez's hand in victory. This caused a riot. Sosa claimed victory on a foul, but the Cuban National Boxing Commission called it no contest and suspended the referee.
1949-07-28Antonio Alvarez14-21-7
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWRTD910
From The Ring, October 1949, page 51. Reverte received a bad licking and his second, Kid Tunero, did not permit him to go out for the tenth round.
1949-06-18Antonio Alvarez14-20-7
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWRTD410
Reverte suffered a badly cut lip and could not answer the bell for round five.
1949-05-21Matias Fenoy16-3-4
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWPTS1010
1949-04-02Gerardo Echemendi0-1-0
Matanzas, CubaWKO210
1949-02-19Mario Pacheco30-9-6
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaLPTS1010
1949-02-12Cachorro Herrera9-5-0
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWKO310
1948-11-06Lino Garcia20-15-3
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWUD1010
1948-09-25Battleship Martinez3-3-1
Moron, CubaWPTS1010
1948-08-28Ciro Moracen34-8-6
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaLPTS1010
Cuban featherweight title
1948-07-24Ciro Moracen34-7-6
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWDQ510
Disqualification caused by accidental head butt.
1948-07-03Orestes Sanchez0-2-0
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWPTS1010
1948-04-10Ciro Moracen28-7-6
Santiago de Cuba, CubaLPTS1010
1948-03-13Lino Garcia19-10-2
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWPTS1212
1948-02-06Mario Pacheco30-9-5
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaDPTS1010
1947-11-08Orlando Zulueta13-1-4
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaDPTS1010
1947-11-01Rolando Delgado14-5-3
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaWTKO510
1947-10-25Ciro Moracen24-6-4
Moron, CubaWPTS1010
From The Ring, January 1948, page 46.
1947-07-22Roberto Pena2-1-0
Sixto Escobar Stadium, San Juan, Puerto RicoWPTS1010
From The Ring, October 1947, page 50. Peña was down seven times. Also from El Mundo, San Juan (Jack Kincaid).
1947-07-10Lino Garcia18-5-2
Sixto Escobar Stadium, San Juan, Puerto RicoLPTS1010
From El Mundo, San Juan (Jack Kincaid).
1947-06-05Francisco Colon Garcia19-3-0
Sixto Escobar Stadium, San Juan, Puerto RicoWPTS1010
This bout had fifteen knockdowns. Sosa went down twice in the first two rounds and Colon Garcia was decked thirteen times in ten rounds.
1947-05-31Orlando Zulueta10-0-4
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaLPTS1010
1947-05-19Ciro Villa0-1-0
Moron, CubaWKO210
From The Ring, August 1947, page 58.
1947-05-12Juan Congo Guevara5-11-4
Moron, CubaWPTS1010
1947-03-19Mario Pacheco26-7-3
Moron, CubaWKO510
From "News from Cuba," by Dr. J.A. Veietes, in The Ring, July 1947, page 57.
1947-03-15Pototo Ribalta8-13-3
Moron, CubaWKO910
1947-01-25Orlando Zulueta7-0-2
Palacio de Deportes, Havana, CubaDPTS88
1947-01-11Ciro Moracen20-4-2
Santiago de Cuba, CubaWPTS1010
1946-12-21Pototo Ribalta8-12-3
Santa Clara, CubaWKO910
1946-12-06Pototo Ribalta8-11-3
Sagua La Grande, CubaWPTS1010
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