Louis Piochelle
Global ID17605
birthdate 1888-12-12
death date 1939-09-15 (50)
country Algeria
won 15 (KO 12) + lost 10 (KO 4) + drawn 0 = 26
rounds boxed 189 KO% 46.15

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1926-06-19Rocchisiani Xavier12-10-1
Kursaal, Algiers, AlgeriaWTKO810
3rd meeting.Both had a win each.
1925-04-12Rocchisiani Xavier10-8-0
Stade Municipal, Algiers, AlgeriaLRTD915
North African Lightheavyweight Title
1924-10-05Paulino Uzcudun10-2-0
Stade Municipal, Algiers, AlgeriaLKO210
1924-04-02Jean Leroi18-22-5
Folies-Bergere Alger, Algiers, AlgeriaLPTS1010
1923-12-21Louis Clement13-5-2
Nouveau Theatre, Algiers, AlgeriaWPTS1212
Date from L´Echo d´Alger
1923-07-08Ted Moore33-6-0
Arenes d'Eckmühl, Oran, AlgeriaLPTS1515
1923-06-03Rocchisiani Xavier6-4-0
Stade d´Alger, Algiers, AlgeriaWKO2
Fight refered to in L'Echo d'Alger 19-06-1926
1923-02-26Emile Morelle1-5-0
Cercle Hoche, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS2020
vacant France light heavyweight title
1923-01-13Albert Mokadoni2-1-0
Hall de la Foire, Algiers, AlgeriaWTKO3
1922-12-16Paul Hams10-11-8
Algiers, AlgeriaLPTS1212
Unrecorded wins for Hams before this fight: Robour (KO 2) Eduoard Till (KO 2) Derensy (KO 1),Texidor (2nd win)
Source: L'Echo d'Alger 20-11-1922

1922-10-15Rino Contro2-2-3
Velodorome d'Hiver,Alger, Algiers, AlgeriaWTKO310
1922-05-10Paul Journee11-13-0
Salle Wagram, Paris, Paris, FranceLKO915
1922-04-16Battling Siki43-9-2
Stade Municipal, Algiers, AlgeriaLPTS1212
Siki's record was according to his own count now: 29 wins in 31 fights, only two losses, to Audouny (1913) and Leonard (1919)
Interview: L'Echo d'Alger 24-04-1922

1922-02-09Paul Journee9-11-0
Velodorome d'Hiver,Alger, Algiers, AlgeriaWDQ412
Low blow.
1921-12-15Felix Leonard30-22-8
Modern Cinema, Algiers, AlgeriaLTKO5
Rematch.Leonard also won first.
1921-12-03Constant Barrick4-6-1
Oran, AlgeriaWRTD7
1921-11-03Louis Robur3-3-0
Alger, AlgeriaWRTD2
1921-08-27Bob Youssef1-0-1
Algiers, AlgeriaWKO2
1921-07-02Leon Derensy4-3-0
Noveau Theatre, Alger, AlgeriaWKO2
1921-04-03Constant Barrick2-3-1
Stade Municipal, Algiers, AlgeriaWTKO610
referee: Francois Descamps
1921-03-10Blink McCloskey32-40-20
Casino Music Hall, Algiers, AlgeriaWPTS1212
Previous KO wins for Piochelle: Belkacem (1914),Bremond,Heyries (twice),Cettour,Joe Smith,Derensy (1918-1921)
1921-01-01 Hayriers
Palais Mondial, Oran, AlgeriaWKO2
1920-12-10Louis Laporte0-2-0
Moderne Cinema, Alger, AlgeriaWTKO810
Not Felix Leonard LTKO 8 Piochelle as before.Research by K-O Hallman of Sweden.
1920-11-18Louis Laporte0-2-0
Club Belcourt, Algiers, AlgeriaNCNC810
Ring collapsed.
1920-03-21 Bremond
Modern Cinema, Algiers, AlgeriaWKO2
Bremond from Chayet,Provence
1919-09-20Felix Leonard17-15-4
Noveau Theatre, Alger, AlgeriaLPTS1212


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