Mike Tidline El
Global ID19133
birthdate 1968-09-25
US ID016843
country USA
residenceWashington, District of Columbia, USA
won 10 (KO 3) + lost 18 (KO 13) + drawn 3 = 32
rounds boxed 161 KO% 9.38

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2003-06-19George Armenta7-3-0
Adam’s Mark Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALTKO56
2003-04-17Jose Medina8-0-0
Adam’s Mark Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALTKO16
2002-09-20Julio Aquino7-2-0
New Jersey Armory, Jersey City, New Jersey, USALTKO26
2002-06-04Cihat Salman17-3-1
The Temple Corps, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALUD66
2002-04-05Cihat Salman16-3-1
Trevose, Pennsylvania, USALTKO56
2002-01-25Luther Smith21-3-1
Dover Downs, Dover, Delaware, USADTD68
time: 1:27 | referee: Steve Smoger | judge: Bobby Grasso 56-58 | judge: Dave Greer 58-56 | judge: Richard Hopkins Jr. 57-57
2001-11-23Lou Bizzarro15-1-0
Erie, Pennsylvania, USALUD88
2001-11-09Calvin Davis19-1-0
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALUD88
2001-09-19Tracy Harris Patterson63-8-1
Kahunaville Night Club, Wilmington, Delaware, USADTD48
2001-06-29Brian Adams12-2-1
Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, USALTKO910
time: 0:45 | judge: Kevin Langley | judge: Lloyd Scaife | judge: Jason Rosen
2001-03-16Anthony Washington10-0-1
Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALKO4
2000-06-20Charles Tschorniawsky19-2-1
Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALKO58
time: 0:43 | referee: John Carroll
2000-03-24Miguel Figueroa11-2-1
Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALKO5
2000-03-12Anthony Cobb4-14-2
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS66
1999-10-24Dorin Spivey23-1-0
Washington, District of Columbia, USALTKO88
1999-07-23Anthony Cobb3-6-2
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS88
1999-06-26Kelvin Daly11-5-0
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS88
1999-04-02DeMarcus Corley17-1-1
Washington, District of Columbia, USALTKO7
1998-11-24Luis Alberto Rosales
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWTKO68
1998-05-01Kelvin Daly11-3-0
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS88
1998-02-13Michael Stewart9-0-1
Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALMD88
1997-11-14Freddy Morel8-0-0
Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USANCNC3
Accidental head clash
1997-09-12Michael Stewart7-0-0
Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USADPTS44
1995-08-30Teddy Reid1-0-0
Washington, District of Columbia, USALTKO1
1994-10-27Anthony Suggs13-4-0
Washington, District of Columbia, USALTKO6
1994-08-19Jermal Corbin4-0-0
Trump Plaza Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALTKO24
1994-05-20Kendall Perez0-1-0
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS44
1994-04-23Daouris Carter0-1-0
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWTKO1
1994-04-01Donnell Watt
Alexandria, Virginia, USAWTKO1
Watt also reported as Matt Donnell.
1994-03-31Edelmiro Martinez3-0-0
Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALMD44
1994-01-16Troy Blackmoore3-0-0
Fernwood Resort, Bushkill, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS44
1993-11-30Ken Blackston
Martin's West, Woodlawn, Maryland, USAWMD44


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