Michael Moss
Global ID19371
birthdate 1964-05-29
US ID042806
aliasThe Boss
country USA
residenceMeridian, Mississippi, USA
won 11 (KO 7) + lost 33 (KO 22) + drawn 3 = 47
rounds boxed 171 KO% 14.89

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2008-07-19Jarred Leblanc1-0-0
Youth Center, Cut Off, Louisiana, USALKO24
time: 2:02 | referee: Russell Naquin | judge: Sal Cerino | judge: Kenny Licata | judge: Keith Thibadoux
2007-11-30Jay Krupp9-1-0
Castine Center, Mandeville, Louisiana, USALKO56
time: 2:41 | referee: Larry Berger | judge: Kenny Licata 34-40 | judge: Russell Naquin 34-40 | judge: Keith Thibadoux 34-40
Moss down twice & lost 1 point in rd 4 for putting his head down.
2007-08-04Richard Dinkins10-40-2
Lauderdale Ag Center, Meridian, Mississippi, USADPTS44
referee: Keith Hughes | 37-37 | 37-37 | 37-37
Moss down in 3rd rd, Dinkins down in 4th rd.
2007-04-07Antonio Smith7-34-2
Lauderdale Ag Center, Meridian, Mississippi, USAWUD44
40-35 | 40-34 | 40-3
2006-11-30Ira Terry11-0-0
Peabody Hotel Grand Ballroom, Memphis, Tennessee, USALKO?
2006-10-03Marteze Logan22-25-2
Omni New Daisy Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, USALKO510
time: 2:08
Vacant Mid-South Welterweight Title
2006-02-04Bobby Aucoin15-0-1
Blackham Coliseum, Lafayette, Louisiana, USALTKO28
time: 2:28 | referee: Kenny Licata | judge: Rick Exe | judge: Bruce McDaniel | judge: Kenny Saintes
2005-06-11Antonio Davis17-1-0
Isle of Capri Casino, Bossier City, Louisiana, USALTKO34
time: 1:02 | referee: Rick Exe | judge: Bruce McDaniel | judge: Russell Naquin | judge: Keith Thibadoux
2005-04-23Anthony Peterson5-0-0
Fitzgerald's Casino & Hotel, Tunica, Mississippi, USALTKO44
2004-12-03Xavier Toliver13-4-0
Earthlink Live, Atlanta, Georgia, USALTKO44
referee: George Chip
2004-11-05Lamont Peterson2-0-0
Fitzgerald's Casino & Hotel, Tunica, Mississippi, USALKO14
time: 2:20
2004-07-31Marteze Logan13-9-1
Sam's Town Casino, Tunica, Mississippi, USALUD44
36-40 | 36-40 | 37-39
2004-03-06Clint McNeil15-5-0
Sam's Town Casino, Tunica, Mississippi, USAWUD88
76-74 | 76-74 | 76-74
Mid-South Light Middleweight Title
McNeil down twice

2004-01-06Chad Broussard44-3-0
Omni New Daisy Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, USALUD66
Moss down 2 times
2003-05-31Chad Broussard43-3-0
Hilton Towers, Lafayette, Louisiana, USALTKO48
Moss down twice
Moss took fight on a one week notice

2002-08-17Phillip Hammac4-5-0
Grand Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi, USAWTKO26
2002-05-18Phillip Hammac1-5-0
Silver Star Casino, Choctaw, Mississippi, USALUD44
2002-03-16Phillip Hammac1-3-0
Meridian, Mississippi, USAWUD44
2001-11-08Abel Hernandez4-2-0
Meridian, Mississippi, USALUD66
56-57 | 57-58 | 56-57
2001-09-22Lemuel Nelson20-5-0
Casino Magic, Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, USALUD44
36-40 | 36-40 | 36-40
2001-02-13Richard Savage31-6-0
Meridian, Mississippi, USALTKO68
time: 2:25
Moss's corner throws in the towel.
2000-09-30Adam Leibowitz10-1-1
Augusta, Georgia, USALPTS66
2000-06-16Lenzell Harris1-11-0
Casino Magic, Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, USADPTS44
38-38 | 38-38 | 39-38
2000-03-25Lenzell Harris1-10-0
Casino Magic, Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, USAWMD44
39-37 | 38-38 | 39-37
1999-04-30Julian Wheeler16-4-1
Marksville, Louisiana, USALTKO1
1999-02-19Daniel Attah10-0-0
Grand Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi, USALTKO58
time: 2:05
1998-11-12Clint McNeil6-1-0
Cochran Center, Meridian, Mississippi, USALSD88
74-76 | 75-73 | 73-78
1998-08-18Vivian Harris7-0-0
Grand Casino, Tunica, Mississippi, USALTKO14
time: 2:51
1998-07-19Martin Johnson5-0-1
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USALUD66
1998-05-28Homer Gibbins35-5-0
Roxy Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, USALKO4
1998-05-09Chad Lawshe2-0-0
Meridian, Mississippi, USALUD44
33-40 | 47-40 | 35-40
1998-04-25Victor McKinnis11-0-1
Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, Mississippi, USALTKO38
time: 1:58
1998-04-21Martin Johnson4-0-0
Players Island Casino, Lake Charles, Louisiana, USADMD44
1998-03-10Mathias Bedburdick0-2-0
Casino Rouge, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USALTKO2
1998-02-27Marvin Hart7-1-0
Civic Center, Northport, Alabama, USAWTKO48
1997-10-29Wayne Boudreaux22-11-0
Bally's Casino Lakeshore, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALTKO16
time: 0:57
1997-08-18Billy Gates3-0-0
Gulf Coast, Alabama, USALKO3
1997-06-06Scoey Fields3-3-0
Alabama, USAWTKO2
1997-05-17Ralph Kelly0-1-0
Mississippi, USAWKO1
1997-02-28Shaun Gay0-1-0
Civic Center, Northport, Alabama, USAWTKO1
1996-04-22Troy Crain10-4-0
Mobile, Alabama, USALKO2
1988-02-02Charles Glover18-2-0
Omni New Daisy Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, USALTKO26
time: 1:57
1988-01-09Jackie Bedwell2-2-0
Tupelo, Mississippi, USAWTKO2
1986-12-19Kevin Owens
Louisiana, USAWTKO3
1986-07-25Mark Lassein17-4-0
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USALKO6
1985-02-21Kenny Vice10-1-0
Morgan City, Louisiana, USALPTS66
1984-10-23Norris Stinner3-3-0
Lafayette, Louisiana, USALPTS44


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