Ayub Kalule
Global ID2324
birthdate 1954-01-06
divisionsuper welterweight
height5′ 8″   /   173cm
reach73″   /   185cm
country Uganda
residenceCopenhagen, Denmark
birth placeKampala, Uganda
won 46 (KO 23) + lost 4 (KO 4) + drawn 0 = 50
rounds boxed 387 KO% 46

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1986-02-05Herol Graham34-0-0
City Hall, Sheffield, Yorkshire, United KingdomLTKO1012x3
time: 2:10 | referee: Edmond Horn
EBU (European) middleweight title
1985-12-19Sumbu Kalambay37-2-1
Ancona, Marche, ItalyWSD1212
referee: Mike Jacobs 113-114 | 118-115 | 117-114
EBU (European) middleweight title
Kalule down in 5th and 11th, Kalambay down in 12th.
1985-06-20Pierre Joly26-3-2
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWTKO812
vacant EBU (European) middleweight title
1985-03-09Mauro Fernandes da Cruz5-41-4
K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, DenmarkWTKO48
1984-11-09Lindell Holmes21-3-0
K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS88
1984-10-05Wayne Caplette24-4-0
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWTKO38
1984-04-25Jimmy Price12-0-0
Alexandra Pavilion, Muswell Hill, London, United KingdomWTKO1
1982-11-13Mike McCallum16-0-0
Sands Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALRTD710
time: 3:00 | referee: Joe Cortez
Kalule down in the 1st rd. from a right uppercut.
1982-07-17Davey Moore10-0-0
Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALTKO1015
time: 2:58 | referee: Luis Sulbaran | judge: Humberto Figueroa 85-88 | judge: Harmodio Cedeno 85-89 | judge: Rogelio Perez 87-89
WBA World super welterweight title
1982-04-30Oscar Albarado57-12-1
Brondby Hallen, Brondby, DenmarkWTKO210
1982-02-26Jacques Chinon20-20-5
K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS1010
1981-11-13O'Dell Leonard16-9-1
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWPTS88
1981-10-09Andoni Amana42-3-0
K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS1010
1981-06-25Sugar Ray Leonard29-1-0
Astrodome, Houston, Texas, USALTKO915
time: 3:06 | referee: Carlos Berrocal 76-78 | judge: Harmodio Cedeno 76-78 | judge: Ismael Wiso Fernandez 75-78
WBA World super welterweight title
1981-03-05Pat Hallacy25-5-1
Brondby Hallen, Brondby, DenmarkWPTS1010
1980-09-06Bushy Bester19-2-0
Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, DenmarkWUD1515
referee: Davey Pearl 147-138 | judge: Harold Buck 147-138 | judge: Duane Ford 147-139
WBA World super welterweight title
1980-06-12Marijan Benes19-2-1
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWUD1515
referee: Max Strangfeldt 149-145 | judge: Knud Jensen 149-142 | judge: Rinus Schulien 149-147
WBA World super welterweight title
1980-04-17Emiliano Villa37-5-3
Brondby Hallen, Brondby, DenmarkWRTD1115
time: 3:00 | referee: Joe Santarpia | judge: Carol Polis | judge: Jimmy Rondeau
WBA World super welterweight title
1979-12-06Steve Gregory20-0-2
Brondby Hallen, Brondby, DenmarkWUD1515
referee: Tony Perez 149-135 | judge: Ove Ovesen 150-135 | judge: Stanley Christodoulou 150-147
WBA World super welterweight title
1979-10-24Masashi Kudo23-0-0
City Gymnasium, Akita City, Akita, JapanWUD1515
referee: Robert Ferrara 149-139 | judge: Harold Lederman 146-139 | judge: Tim Kelleher 149-145
WBA World super welterweight title
1979-09-06David Love32-15-0
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWUD1010
100-92 | 100-93 | 99-92
1979-06-28Ray Hammond14-4-0
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWPTS88
1979-05-24Obdulio Rogelio Zarza26-29-6
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWPTS1010
1979-03-15Monty Betham35-7-0
Brondby Hallen, Brondby, DenmarkWTKO410
time: 0:32
1979-02-15Ho Joo11-1-1
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWKO210
time: 3:02
1978-12-07Kevin Finnegan32-8-0
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWUD1010
100-95 | 100-95 | 100-93
1978-11-09Sugar Ray Seales46-4-2
Brondby Hallen, Brondby, DenmarkWMD1010
96-95 | 96-95 | 95-95
1978-09-14Reggie Ford4-2-0
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWKO515
time: 2:34 | referee: James Brimmell
Commonwealth (British Empire) middleweight title
1978-08-10Milton Owens22-0-0
Glyngoere Hallen, Glyngoere, DenmarkWTKO610
1978-05-25Al Korovou24-13-1
Brondby Hallen, Brondby, DenmarkWTKO1415
time: 1:00 | referee: Wally Thom
Commonwealth (British Empire) middleweight title
1978-04-27Idrissa Konate12-3-1
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWTKO712
1978-03-16Tsutomu Hagusa14-9-0
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWTKO310
1978-03-02Johnny Baldwin32-2-0
Vejle, DenmarkWPTS1010
1978-02-09Jose Hernandez50-16-6
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWTKO510
1978-01-26Rennie Pinder8-8-0
Chateau Neuf, Oslo, NorwayWPTS1010
1978-01-05Bonifacio Avila16-2-3
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWTKO410
1977-12-08Ralph Palladin30-4-2
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWUD1010
100-92 | 100-92 | 100-93
According to the report, up until this point in his career, Ayub Kalule had never lost a scored round in his professional boxing career.
1977-11-03Miguel Angel Castellini62-6-10
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWTKO310
time: 2:21 | referee: Max Strangfeldt
1977-10-06Alvin Anderson23-6-3
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWTKO910
1977-09-08Rudy Robles33-6-0
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS1010
1977-06-02Elisha Obed66-2-4
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWUD1010
100-90 | 100-90 | 100-90
Obed down twice in the bout.
1977-04-28Jose Luis Duran20-5-2
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWTKO710
1977-03-31Arnoldo Olivares7-5-0
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWTKO610
1977-02-24Mimoun Mohatar25-17-4
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS1010
1977-01-20Damiano Lassandro21-2-1
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWTKO38
1976-12-09Larry Paul27-5-1
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWKO28
time: 2:27
1976-11-19Gualberto Fernandez19-39-7
Randers Hallen, Randers, DenmarkWKO16
1976-10-09Trevor Francis20-9-6
Forum, Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS66
1976-06-03Wayne Bennett5-0-1
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkWKO56
1976-04-08Kurt Hombach11-9-3
Forum, Copenhagen, DenmarkWUD44
40-34 | 40-34 | 40-34
Kalule's professional debut. Hombach down in rounds two and four.


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