John Dino Denis
Global ID250
birthdate 1951-04-22
country USA
residenceAttleboro, Massachusetts, USA
birth nameJohn Denis
won 45 (KO 20) + lost 5 (KO 4) + drawn 2 = 52
rounds boxed 343 KO% 38.46

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1990-12-14Vale Payton1-3-0
Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, Florida, USADPTS44
1990-11-09Tony Poolie0-2-0
Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, Florida, USAWTKO34
time: 1:52
1983-02-16Joe Bugner55-9-1
Alexandra Pavilion, Muswell Hill, London, United KingdomLTKO310x3
time: 1:00 | referee: Roland Dakin
1982-12-30Donnie Long12-1-0
Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USALTKO710
1982-08-13Ken Schmidt13-2-0
Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut, USAWTKO410
referee: Sal Maltempo
1982-06-04James Dixon14-24-2
Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
1981-12-23Al Green
Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USAWKO110
1981-10-03Henry Porter11-5-0
Horizon Arena, Rosemont, Illinois, USAWPTS88
1981-07-28Don Halpin7-11-0
Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USAWUD1010
USA New England heavyweight title
1981-06-13Don Halpin7-10-0
Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWSD1010
99-92 | 98-93 | 96-99
1981-04-12Johnny Warr5-17-1
Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAWPTS88
1980-12-15Chuck Findlay4-1-0
Hynes Auditorium, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
1980-10-16Al Brooks14-10-1
Wonderland Ballroom, Revere, Massachusetts, USAWTKO310
vacant USA New England heavyweight title
1979-11-09Gerry Cooney20-0-0
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALTKO310
time: 1:14 | referee: Tony Perez
1979-06-29Jesse Crown28-21-1
Cranston, Rhode Island, USAWKO2
time: 2:50
Crown was unconcious for five minutes before he left the ring.
1979-06-20Tyrone Harlee9-9-1
Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York, USAWUD88
1978-06-28Dave Wilson6-4-0
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWPTS1010
1978-05-10C J Bar Brown7-6-2
Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York, USAWPTS1010
1978-03-01Jerry Thompkins8-6-0
Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York, USAWPTS1010
1978-01-28C J Bar Brown7-5-2
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWTKO8
1977-11-25Charley Polite16-33-3
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWUD1010
1977-03-27Leroy Jones18-0-1
Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas, USALPTS88
referee: Pete Rademacher
1976-10-15George Foreman43-1-0
Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida, USALTKO410
time: 2:25 | referee: Jay Edson
1976-06-26Scott LeDoux18-2-1
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWUD1010
1976-04-05Obie English15-7-0
Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland, USADPTS1010
1975-11-21Joe Maye2-5-0
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWPTS1010
1975-09-30Jose Roman47-11-2
Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USAWUD1010
1975-08-26Walker Simmons8-15-0
Sargent Field, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWTKO4
1975-06-27Jimmy Cross21-13-1
Hartford, Connecticut, USAWTKO610
1975-05-28G.G. Maldonado10-4-2
Scranton, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO4
Maldonado suffered a ankle injury and could not continue.
1975-04-11Jerry Huston Jr.15-4-1
Armory, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWUD1212
1975-03-24Tony Burwell5-23-2
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWTKO7
1975-02-03Mike Boswell13-16-0
WNAC-TV Studio, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWUD1010
referee: Walter Byars 100-91 | judge: Joe Blumsack 100-84 | judge: Daniel Mullen 100-80
1975-01-26Terry Daniels34-17-1
Scranton, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
1974-10-09Tommy Kost15-3-0
Catholic Youth Center, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO610
1974-08-28Charlie Harris9-19-1
Scranton, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO5
1974-06-24Tommy Sheehan9-13-0
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWTKO8
1974-04-24Brian O'Melia11-20-1
Catholic Youth Center, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
referee: Dick Woerhle 48-42 | judge: Andy Mihal 50-37 | judge: Stan Kolley 50-41
1974-04-02Enrique Benito Rodriguez0-4-0
Columbia Music Hall, West Hartford, Connecticut, USAWPTS88
referee: Billy Taylor 40-30
1974-02-09Edmund Stewart4-10-3
Catholic Youth Center, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS1010
1974-01-28Billy Williams8-6-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWUD66
1973-11-14Cliff McDonald18-6-1
Catholic Youth Center, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO510
1973-10-06Sylvester Wilder4-13-0
Brockton High School Gymnasium, Brockton, Massachusetts, USAWKO58
1973-09-10Claude "Humphrey" McBride29-4-0
Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USAWTKO110
time: 2:46
McBride down three times
1973-08-14Clyde Brown10-11-0
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWTKO2
referee: Ed Fitzgerald
1973-06-23Paul Simonetti9-4-1
Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAWTKO5
1973-02-23Tracy Morrison3-12-1
Roseland Ballroom, Taunton, Massachusetts, USAWKO48
1973-02-09Brian O'Melia11-14-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS66
1972-12-07Richard Pittman1-22-2
Marist High School Gym, Bayonne, New Jersey, USAWPTS66
1972-09-15Henry Lawson0-3-0
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWPTS44
1972-08-28Henry Lawson0-2-0
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWKO14
1972-06-24Henry Lawson0-1-0
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWPTS44


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