Paul Hyland
Global ID280172
birthdate 1984-11-19
divisionsuper bantamweight
height5′ 7″   /   170cm
US ID071524
country Ireland
residenceDublin, Ireland
birth placeDublin, Ireland
won 21 (KO 6) + lost 2 (KO 1) + drawn 0 = 23
rounds boxed 127 KO% 26.09

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2012-01-28Arturo Santiago7-4-1
Resorts Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAWUD66
2011-08-12Dai Davies6-16-1
Royal Theatre, Castlebar, IrelandWPTS66
referee: Paul McCullagh 59-56
2011-06-25Hyusein Hyuseinov4-16-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWTKO56
time: 0:24 | referee: Emile Tiedt
2010-11-06Willie Casey10-0-0
University Arena, Limerick, IrelandLTKO412
time: 2:09 | referee: John Keane | judge: Richard James Davies | judge: Franco Ciminale | judge: Ernst Salzgeber
vacant EBU (European) super bantamweight title (supervisor: Stanley Clough)
2010-09-11Robert DaLuz13-29-3
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWPTS88
referee: Emile Tiedt 79-74
2010-03-12David Chianella16-5-2
Quarto, Napoli, Campania, ItalyWUD1212
referee: Robin Dolpierre | judge: Andre Pasquier 117-111 | judge: Predrag Aleksic 116-112 | judge: Francisco Vazquez Marcos 118-110
vacant EBU-EU (European Union) super bantamweight title (supervisor: Enza Jacoponi)
2009-12-05Eugene Heagney8-3-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWTKO310
time: 2:45 | referee: David John Irving
Irish super bantamweight title
Hyland dropped Heagney with a combination of punches to body and head in third round, then a burst of punches from Hyland after the eight count brought the referee's intervention.
2009-07-25Robert Nelson7-2-2
National Basketball Arena, Dublin, IrelandWPTS88
referee: Emile Tiedt 80-75
2009-02-27Nikita Lukin8-16-2
Metrodome, Barnsley, Yorkshire, United KingdomWPTS66x3
referee: Michael Alexander 58-57
2008-12-18Eugene Heagney7-1-0
Dublin City University, Dublin, IrelandWPTS66
referee: Emile Tiedt 59-54
2008-10-04Manuel Gonzalez Garcia7-4-1
National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALUD44
37-38 | 37-38 | 36-39
2008-09-06Cristian Niculae2-49-0
City West Hotel, Dublin, IrelandWPTS66
referee: Emile Tiedt 60-54
2008-07-05Marc Callaghan19-13-1
National Basketball Arena, Dublin, IrelandWPTS1010
referee: David John Irving 98-93
vacant Irish super bantamweight title
2008-04-19Ayittey Mettle2-7-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWPTS88
referee: Paul McCullagh
2007-07-27Arthur Parker1-1-0
City Center, Saratoga Springs, New York, USAWUD44
40-36 | 40-36 | 40-36
2006-03-11Sandor Paska0-1-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWTKO36
time: 1:39 | referee: David John Irving
2006-02-24Dariusz Snarski16-21-1
Goresbrook Leisure Centre, Dagenham, Essex, United KingdomWPTS66x3
referee: Seamus Dunne 58-57
2005-11-18Rakhim Minhalieyev27-43-1
Goresbrook Leisure Centre, Dagenham, Essex, United KingdomWPTS44x3
referee: Robert Williams 40-36
2005-10-14Peter Feher19-42-10
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWPTS44
2005-09-17Andrej Surina2-2-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWRTD36
referee: David John Irving
2005-06-04Ferenc Szabodebut
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWPTS66
referee: David John Irving 59-56
2005-02-19Vladimir Bukovy2-14-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWTKO34
time: 1:46 | referee: David John Irving
2004-11-05Janos Garai0-0-0
Leisure Centre, Hereford, Herefordshire, United KingdomWTKO24x3
time: 1:53 | referee: Shaun Messer
Hyland debut


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