Andy Murray
Global ID300933
birthdate 1982-09-10
height5′ 10″   /   178cm
alias'The Quiet Man'
country Ireland
residenceCavan, Ireland
birth placeCavan, Ireland
won 25 (KO 13) + lost 1 (KO 0) + drawn 0 = 26
rounds boxed 139 KO% 50

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2012-08-17Sergio Omar Priotti25-11-2
Royal Theatre, Castlebar, IrelandWRTD58
time: 3:00 | referee: David John Irving
2011-06-04Gavin Rees34-1-0
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales, United KingdomLUD1212x3
referee: Juergen Langos | judge: Mikael Hook 112-115 | judge: Luca Montella 112-115 | judge: Bela Florian 112-116
vacant EBU (European) lightweight title (supervisor: Jean-Marcel Nartz)
Rees deducted a point in the ninth round
2011-04-16Graeme Higginson13-8-1
M.E.N. Arena, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomWPTS88x3
referee: John Latham 78-75
2010-11-20Claudinei Lacerda13-1-0
International Events Arena - Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar, IrelandWPTS1010
referee: Emile Tiedt 98-92
2010-10-02John Nolasco18-4-4
Letterkenny Leisure Complex, Letterkenny, IrelandWPTS1010
referee: Emile Tiedt 100-91
2010-06-26Laszlo Robert Balogh7-2-1
Neptune Sports Arena, Cork, IrelandWTKO38
2010-06-11Jon Baguley9-18-1
Kings Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United KingdomWTKO26x3
time: 2:41 | referee: Paul McCullagh
2010-05-15Amir Unsworth10-2-1
University Arena, Limerick, IrelandWRTD26
time: 3:00 | referee: Mickey Vann
Unsworth initially nicked on the left eyebrow in the 1st round, and retired at the end of the 2nd after the wound worsened.
2010-02-13Oisin Fagan25-7-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWTKO510
time: 2:45 | referee: David John Irving
Irish lightweight title
2009-12-05Alex Bone4-6-1
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWPTS66
referee: David John Irving 58-56
2009-07-18Adam Kelly9-5-1
York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, United KingdomWRTD36x3
time: 3:00 | referee: Mark Green
Murray cut on the left eyelid in the 1st round (4 stitches). Kelly retired citing a shoulder injury.
2009-03-21Daniel Rasilla12-1-0
The O2, Dublin, IrelandWUD1212
referee: Adrio Zannoni | judge: Freddy Rafn 119-109 | judge: Leszek Jankowiak 115-113 | judge: Bela Florian 116-112
vacant EBU-EU (European Union) lightweight title (supervisor: Peter Stucki)
2009-02-07Ali Wyatt4-9-2
Craigavon Leisure Centre, Craigavon, Northern Ireland, United KingdomWTKO36x3
time: 2:09 | referee: David John Irving
2008-07-12Peter McDonagh11-12-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWPTS1010
referee: Emile Tiedt 100-94
vacant Irish lightweight title
2008-04-12Ueliton De Jesus13-1-0
International Events Arena - Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar, IrelandWKO110
time: 2:11 | referee: David John Irving
Murray strikes De Jesus clearly below the belt as shown by RTE tv video replay, however referee counts him out.
2008-03-29Juris Ivanovs2-8-0
Letterkenny Leisure Complex, Letterkenny, IrelandWTKO38
time: 1:11 | referee: Paul McCullagh
2008-03-22Leonard Lothian6-6-2
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWRTD38
time: 3:00 | referee: David John Irving
2007-12-08James Gorman8-10-1
Kings Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United KingdomWTD410x3
referee: David John Irving
vacant Irish super lightweight title
Murray cut by head clash
2007-10-04Billy Smith10-53-0
Cafe Royal, Piccadilly, London, United KingdomWPTS88x3
referee: Dave Parris 78-75
2006-06-03Tony Jourda4-1-0
National Stadium, Dublin, IrelandWTKO36
2006-05-21Carl Allen18-48-6
York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, United KingdomWPTS44x3
referee: Marcus McDonnell 40-36
2006-03-30Frederic Gosset9-23-2
Cafe Royal, Piccadilly, London, United KingdomWPTS66x3
referee: Robert Williams 60-54
2006-02-02Ian Reid1-19-0
New Connaught Rooms, Holborn, London, United KingdomWTKO44x3
time: 2:49 | referee: Robert Williams
2005-11-17Silence Saheed7-7-1
Cafe Royal, Mayfair, London, United KingdomWPTS44x3
referee: Seamus Dunne 40-36
2005-10-09Billy Smith1-24-0
Hammersmith Palace, Hammersmith, London, United KingdomWPTS44x3
referee: Mark Green 40-36
2005-03-18Jonathan Jones1-2-0
Kings Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United KingdomWTKO44x3
time: 1:42 | referee: David John Irving
Murray debuts


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