Warren Browning
Global ID367055
birthdate 1975-06-03 (age 39)
249 / 1044
49 / 211
height6′ 0″   /   183cm
US ID073001
aliasThe Hit Man
country USA
residenceLondon, Kentucky, USA
won 19 (KO 13) + lost 4 (KO 3) + drawn 2 = 25
rounds boxed 80 KO% 52

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2015-02-28Daniel Shull3-26-1
Pullman Plaza Hotel, Huntington, West Virginia, USAWTKO44
time: 2:59 | referee: Scott Allred | judge: Ben Jones | judge: Chris Samples | judge: Robert Parsons
2014-05-17Joe Paintiff9-2-1
OVU Alumni Gymnasium, Vienna, West Virginia, USALMD66
referee: Scott Allred | judge: Dale Hardwick 55-59 | judge: Paul Thornton 57-57 | judge: Mark Scrogi 55-59
Vacant Appalachian Boxing Association Northwest Cruiserweight Championship
2014-02-15Daniel Shull3-23-1
Pullman Plaza Hotel, Huntington, West Virginia, USAWUD44
referee: Scott Allred | 40-36 | 40-36 | 40-36
2013-07-13Bobby Thomas Jr12-1-0
Madison Civic Center, Madison, West Virginia, USADSD1010
referee: Billy Fox | judge: Paul Thornton 94-94 | judge: Dale Hardwick 95-94 | judge: Chris Samples 93-95
vacant USA West Virginia State cruiserweight title
2013-01-12Bobby Thomas Jr11-1-0
Big Sandy Superstore Arena, Huntington, West Virginia, USALRTD24
time: 3:00 | referee: Dave Johnson | judge: Tim Wheeler | judge: Amy Commer | judge: Robert Parsons
2012-12-08Brandon Winner3-6-0
Williamson Field House, Williamson, West Virginia, USAWTKO34
referee: Robert Riley | judge: Chris Samples 20-18 | judge: Robert Parsons 20-18 | judge: ? Hayes 20-18
2012-07-28Cullen Rogers10-35-2
Madison Civic Center, Madison, West Virginia, USAWTKO24
time: 1:32
2012-06-15Jason Pauley5-6-0
Memorial Field House, Logan, West Virginia, USAWTKO1
2011-08-13Eric Molina17-1-0
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, The Joint, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALTKO312
time: 0:24 | referee: Robert Byrd
vacant WBC United States (USNBC) heavyweight title
2011-03-26Deandre McCole4-22-3
Glenville, West Virginia, USAWUD44
judge: Dale Hardwick | judge: David Ashley | judge: Robert Parsons
McCole deducted one point in round 3 for head-butting.
2011-02-04Terry Cox2-0-0
National Guard Armory, Williamsburg , Kentucky, USAWKO46
time: 2:34 | referee: Marvin Whittamore | judge: Brian Furby | judge: Kent Hendrickson | judge: Dan McLellan
2010-08-07Ryan Coyne14-0-0
Scottrade Center, Saint Louis, Missouri, USALKO912
time: 2:21 | referee: Mike England | judge: Marty Bickle | judge: Barbara Madison | judge: Brett Miller
vacant WBC United States (USNBC) cruiserweight title (supervisor: Lee Peters)
Browning down once in rds 2 & 9
2010-01-23Ralph Smoot0-2-0
Convention Center, Corbin, Kentucky, USAWTKO14
time: 1:55
2009-12-11Ricky Warren0-2-0
Derby Park Expo, Louisville, Kentucky, USAWTKO14
time: 0:55 | referee: Marvin Whittamore
2009-10-16Clyde Weaver0-2-0
Derby Park Expo, Louisville, Kentucky, USAWTKO16
time: 1:17 | referee: Marvin Whittamore
2009-10-03Deandre McCole4-17-3
National Guard Armory, Charleston, West Virginia, USAWUD44
referee: Ashley McNeely | judge: Robert Jones 40-36 | judge: Robert Parsons 39-37 | judge: Dale Hardwick 40-36
2008-06-06Mickey Barnickel0-4-0
Rural Development Center, Somerset, Kentucky, USAWKO16
time: 0:40
2008-04-25Alexis Cruz Medina0-2-1
Cumberland High School, LaFollette, Tennessee, USAWPTS44
judge: Leon Daugherty | judge: Gary Morell | judge: Mark Phillips
2008-03-21Kelsey Arnolddebut
Omni New Daisy Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, USADPTS44
judge: Gerald Deming | judge: James Deming | judge: Charles Hall
2008-01-18Ricardo Bradley0-2-0
Rural Development Center, Somerset, Kentucky, USAWKO14
time: 1:30 | referee: Marvin Whittamore
2007-11-10Michael Lunsford0-1-0
Sports of All Sorts, Florence, Kentucky, USAWTKO14
time: 1:30 | referee: Bobby Dixon | judge: Dave Carter | judge: Roger Crenshaw | judge: Marvin Whittamore
2007-10-06Andre Shavers0-2-0
Louisville Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky, USAWKO14
time: 1:05 | referee: Bobby Dixon | judge: Fred Boges | judge: Roger Crenshaw | judge: Marvin Whittamore
Shavers Down Twice.
2007-07-13Alexis Cruz Medinadebut
National Guard Armory, London, Kentucky, USAWUD44
referee: Marvin Whittamore
2006-12-22Michael Walbrightdebut
National Guard Armory, London, Kentucky, USAWKO14
time: 2:02 | referee: Marvin Whittamore
2006-08-04Kevin Rainey2-19-0
London, Kentucky, USAWUD44
referee: Marvin Whittamore


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