Billy Hester
Global ID37528
divisionlight heavyweight
country USA
residenceLouisville, Kentucky, USA
won 25 (KO 2) + lost 5 (KO 1) + drawn 2 = 33
rounds boxed 306 KO% 6.06

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1971-10-06Clarence Geigger12-1-1
Silver Slipper, Las Vegas, Nevada, USANCNC610
referee: Ferd Hernandez
1971-08-18Amado Vasquez14-6-3
Silver Slipper, Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWUD1010
judge: Ralph Mosa 49-42 | judge: Mike Petrovich 49-44 | judge: Art Lurie 47-45
1971-04-14Ron Wilson46-11-5
Silver Slipper, Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWUD1010
1969-07-02Doug Huntley16-14-2
Las Vegas, Nevada, USADPTS1010
1969-05-07Jimmy Rossette15-4-0
Silver Slipper, Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWKO410
time: 1:55
1969-02-26Ron Wilson24-3-3
Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWUD1010
1962-11-13Leweni Waqa12-2-0
Carlaw Park, Auckland, New ZealandWPTS1212
referee: Frank Pearcey 237-227 | judge: Dick Gould 237-228 | judge: Henry Stock 236-224
New Zealand Herald November 14, 1962
1962-04-26Sonny Gill24-7-1
Coliseum, San Diego, California, USAWUD1010
1960-03-29John Henry Smith9-3-0
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALTKO510
referee: Joey Olmos 35-40 | judge: Tommy Herman 35-39 | judge: Tommy Hart 35-39
Hester was stopped due to a cut left eye.
1959-10-02Eusebio Hernandez57-29-5
Arena, San Diego, California, USAWUD1010
1958-12-01Sixto Rodriguez18-0-1
Auditorium, Richmond, California, USALUD1212
referee: Jack Downey 111-119 | judge: Vern Bybee 113-117 | judge: Tony Bosnich 113-117
USA California State light heavyweight title
1958-09-19Calvin Brad17-10-1
Coliseum, San Diego, California, USAWUD1212
referee: Frank Rustich 118-108 | judge: Joe Narvaez 118-110 | judge: Hal Rickards 120-112
USA California State light heavyweight title
1958-03-07Willie Gilbert11-8-3
Coliseum, San Diego, California, USAWPTS1010
referee: Hal Rickards 100-90
1958-02-05Don Grant17-4-0
Coliseum, San Diego, California, USAWPTS1010
referee: Hal Rickards 98-93
1957-09-02Clive Stewart40-3-2
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLPTS1212
referee: Vic Patrick
1957-07-15Ramon Fuentes40-10-1
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaWTKO912
referee: Vic Patrick
Cut eye stoppage.
1957-07-01Billy McDonnell13-6-0
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaWPTS1212
referee: Vic Patrick
1956-10-30George Boddie14-9-5
Sheraton-Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS88
1956-07-18Bobby Gordon7-9-1
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS88
1955-09-29Andy Watkins8-4-0
Jeffersonville, Indiana, USAWPTS88
1955-08-29Andy Watkins7-3-0
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWUD88
1955-02-24Bill Sudduth48-13-6
Municipal Auditorium, Topeka, Kansas, USALPTS1010
1954-12-11George Boddie5-3-1
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS88
1954-11-19Willie Johnson13-10-3
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS66
1954-10-29Pennington Brown14-11-6
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS1010
1954-10-25George Boddie5-3-0
Dayton, Ohio, USADPTS66
1954-10-22Sherman Williams7-4-0
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS1212
1954-09-17Freddy Newbill15-6-0
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS1010
1954-09-03George Wilson5-13-1
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS1212
USA Kentucky State middleweight title
1954-08-27Jimmy Bull17-6-3
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS1010
1954-07-23Warren Desmond1-3-0
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWUD1010
1954-07-02Sherman Williams4-3-0
Louisville, Kentucky, USALPTS66
1954-06-18Sherman Williams3-2-0
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS1010


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