Lance Revill
Global ID40880
birthdate 1953-08-30
divisionlight heavyweight
height6′ 0″   /   183cm
country New Zealand
residenceAuckland, New Zealand
won 21 (KO 13) + lost 13 (KO 7) + drawn 0 = 34
rounds boxed 228 KO% 38.24

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1990-12-10Young Haumona21-8-0
Auckland, New ZealandLTKO612
New Zealand Boxing Association heavyweight title
1990-05-02Sione Revu
Mandalay Ballroom, Auckland, New ZealandWTKO210
Revu turns his back and quits
1989-05-24Apollo Sweet9-1-2
Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLSD1212
referee: Ray Wheatley | 115-117 | 113-115 | 116-115
vacant Commonwealth (British Empire) cruiserweight title
OPBF cruiserweight title
Australasian Cruiserweight Title
1989-02-27Rudy Darno15-7-1
Highgate Hotel, Auckland, New ZealandLTKO210
Bout terminated through injury to Revills arm,Ring collapsed at 2.20 of round.
1988-05-09David Ravu Ravu6-2-2
Auckland, New ZealandWKO312
South Pacific Cruiserweight Title
1988-02-10August Tanuvasa4-2-0
Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, New ZealandWMD1212
New Zealand Boxing Association heavyweight title
1987-09-28August Tanuvasa2-2-0
Auckland, New ZealandLTKO712
New Zealand Boxing Association heavyweight title
1987-03-30Kevin Barry4-3-0
Hyatt Kingsgate Centre, Auckland, New ZealandWPTS88
1986-12-08Luka Sugar Joel2-1-0
Auckland, New ZealandWKO510
1982-03-10Alex Sua15-2-0
Carlaw Park Stadium, Auckland, New ZealandLKO412
vacant New Zealand Boxing Association light heavyweight title
Title vacated by Monty Betham
1981-09-16Rocky Salanoa1-11-0
Weymouth Civic Centre, Auckland, New ZealandWPTS1010
1981-08-05Monty Betham40-10-0
Trillo's Nightclub, Auckland, New ZealandLPTS1212
New Zealand Boxing Association light heavyweight title
1981-05-27Sam N'Gata7-2-1
Auckland, New ZealandWTKO910
1981-03-31Alex Sua11-2-0
Auckland, New ZealandLPTS1010
1980-10-08Atelea Kaihea
Auckland, New ZealandWTKO510
1980-09-04Joe Fabiano1-0-0
Auckland, New ZealandWTKO210
1980-04-13Monty Betham35-9-0
Trillo's Nightclub, Auckland, New ZealandLTKO1112
referee: Bob Lyall
New Zealand Boxing Association light heavyweight title
1980-03-08Rocky Salanoa1-7-0
Invercargill, New ZealandWPTS1212
1979-10-28Terry Fox6-11-0
Town Hall, Dunedin, New ZealandWKO310
1979-09-17Peter Clay11-14-0
Town Hall, Dunedin, New ZealandWKO310
1979-06-11Alex Sua6-1-0
Town Hall, Dunedin, New ZealandWPTS1212
vacant New Zealand Boxing Association light heavyweight title
1978-08-06Eric Briggs8-6-2
Caledonian Hall, Belfast, Christchurch, New ZealandLSD1010
1978-07-25Rocky Salanoa1-4-0
Ponsonby Rugby Club, Auckland, New ZealandWSD1010
referee: Adolph Johannsen
1978-06-27Tanuli Mose1-2-0
Ponsonby Rugby Club, Auckland, New ZealandWTKO410
referee: Ray Annas
1976-07-15Rocky Salanoa0-2-0
YMCA Stadium, Auckland, New ZealandLPTS66
1976-01-31Rocky Salanoa
Town Hall, Tauranga, New ZealandWPTS88
1975-03-17Peter Clay7-9-0
YMCA Stadium, Auckland, New ZealandLTKO68
time: 0:13 | referee: Ray Annas
New Zealand Herald March 18, 1975
1974-12-16Willie White3-2-0
Carlaw Park, Auckland, New ZealandLPTS88
New Zealand Herald December 17, 1974
1974-09-19Ten Betham5-1-0
YMCA Stadium, Auckland, New ZealandWTKO28
referee: Bevan Weir
1974-08-01Semi Bula21-12-2
Town Hall, Wellington, New ZealandLTKO710
1974-06-27Sammy Tongotongo3-0-0
Cameo Theatre, Auckland, New ZealandWTKO48
referee: Bevan Weir
New Zealand Herald June 28, 1974
1974-05-29Jimmy Bavin8-6-3
Town Hall, Wellington, New ZealandWPTS88
1974-04-16Steve Falefage
Town Hall, Auckland, New ZealandWTKO36
New Zealand Herald April 17, 1974
1974-04-04Billy Johnstone
Town Hall, Wellington, New ZealandWTKO28


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