Danny Flores
Global ID504958
birthdate 1990-04-01 (age 25)
divisionsuper bantamweight
220 / 1107
49 / 242
US ID023840
country Mexico
residenceMexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
birth placeMexico
won 14 (KO 8) + lost 7 (KO 4) + drawn 1 = 22
rounds boxed 131 KO% 36.36

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2015-05-16Ivan Morales27-0-0
Forum, Inglewood, California, USALKO88
time: 0:47 | referee: Jerry Cantu | judge: Eddie Hernandez | judge: Gerald White | judge: Zac Young
No Knockdowns
2014-08-22Roberto Pucheta Amador7-4-1
Jose Cuervo Salon, Polanco, Distrito Federal, MexicoLUD1010
93-97 | 94-96 | 94-96
2013-11-04Vladimir Tikhonov9-0-0
Leningrad Youth Palace, Saint Petersburg, RussiaLTKO910
time: 1:20 | referee: Sergey Plisov | judge: Alexander Artemiev 73-80 | judge: Gennady Gorbylev 72-80 | judge: Maxim Nesterenko 73-80
Danny Flores down in round 9.
2013-07-05David Carmona15-1-3
Jose Cuervo Salon, Polanco, Distrito Federal, MexicoDTD310
time: 1:21
WBO Youth super flyweight title
Flores cut over right eye in clash of heads.
2013-05-18David Carmona14-1-3
Foro Polanco, Polanco, Distrito Federal, MexicoLSD1212
referee: Jorge Bonilla Aguilar
vacant WBO Youth super flyweight title
Flores deducted one point in rd 5 for head-butt resulting in left eye cut
2013-02-22Jose Nieves21-2-3
Community Center, Palm Bay, Florida, USALTKO912
time: 1:03 | referee: Telis Assimenios | judge: Mike Ross | judge: Don Balas | judge: Fred Fluty
vacant WBO Latino bantamweight title
Nieves down in rd 3; Flores Flores down in rd 9
2012-12-14Alfonso Torres4-3-0
Polifuncional de la Colonia Francisco Villa Oriente , Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWUD410
40-36 | 40-36 | 40-36
2012-10-19Jonathan Gonzalez10-0-0
Civic Center, Kissimmee, Florida, USALTKO66
time: 0:56 | referee: Frank Gentile | judge: Thomas Nardone | judge: James Ged O'Connor | judge: Mike Ross
2012-08-03Faustino Cupul25-7-1
Polifuncional de la Colonia Francisco Villa Oriente , Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWTKO610
time: 2:03 | referee: Freddy Rios
2012-05-04Eric Ortiz32-12-3
Polifuncional de la Colonia Francisco Villa Oriente , Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWDQ510
referee: Freddy Rios | judge: Maximo Ruiz | judge: Aaron Varguez | judge: Emilio Viera
Ortiz disqualified for head butting
2012-03-02Jose Hernandez5-5-0
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWTKO110
time: 1:02 | referee: Freddy Rios | judge: Maximo Ruiz | judge: Aaron Varguez | judge: Emilio Viera
2011-09-30Ivan Diaz7-2-1
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWUD1212
referee: Freddy Rios | 118-116 | 117-115 | 115-113
WBC Mundo Hispano flyweight title
In middle of the fight, Flores lost 1 point for illegal punch.
2011-07-01Miguel Angel Chi7-6-1
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWUD88
2010-12-18Arturo Zamora10-1-0
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWSD1010
referee: Alfredo Rios Urcelay | judge: Frank Sosa 97-92 | judge: David Canto Sosa 95-94 | judge: Mauro Chale 93-96
interim WBC Mundo Hispano bantamweight title (supervisor: Hector Solis)
Zamora deducted 1 point for infraction of the rules
2010-09-10Efrain Perez8-2-0
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWUD88
referee: Freddy Rios
2010-08-13Alejandro Dotor1-6-0
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWRTD78
time: 0:10
2010-04-30Jose Barrero3-1-2
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWKO38
time: 1:19 | referee: Freddy Rios
2010-03-05Edwin Castrodebut
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWTKO16
Body shot
2010-01-15Miguel Tique2-5-0
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWKO16
time: 2:47
Body shot
2009-12-04Jose Barrero2-1-2
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoLUD66
Futuros Campeones Batamweight Tourney
2009-10-09Roberto Ornelas3-4-1
Polifuncional, Kanasin, Yucatán, MexicoWKO14
time: 1:10 | referee: Miguel Angel Canul | judge: Ruy Canul | judge: Elias Chan Pavon | judge: Enrique Franco
2009-08-14David Ortiz1-0-0
Palacio de los Combates, Victoria de Durango, Durango, MexicoWKO14


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