Lionel Cameron
Global ID71082
aliasTough Skin
country Jamaica
won 10 (KO 7) + lost 13 (KO 3) + drawn 1 = 24
rounds boxed 153 KO% 29.17

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1979-08-25Charlton Bent3-1-0
Dragon Gym, Kingston, JamaicaLUD1010
1979-03-10Charlton Bent2-1-0
National Arena, Kingston, JamaicaLPTS1010
1979-02-23Elisha Obed68-8-4
Nassau, BahamasLKO4
1978-06-06Jean-Claude LeClair32-4-1
Paul Sauve Arena, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLTKO310
time: 1:32
1977-05-07Roy Lee16-12-1
Guinness Gym, Kingston, JamaicaLUD1212
referee: Seaside Johnson
1977-02-23Wendell Spencer0-6-0
Dragon Gym, Kingston, JamaicaWTKO710
1975-09-13Wendell Spencer0-5-0
National Arena, Kingston, JamaicaWPTS88
1974-07-27Basile Buchanan0-0-1
Kingston, JamaicaLPTS88
1974-05-04Manuel Sanchez0-1-0
Guinness Gym, Kingston, JamaicaWKO210
time: 3:04 | referee: Speedy Flynn
1974-03-26Basile Buchanan
Guinness Gym, Kingston, JamaicaDPTS88
referee: Seaside Johnson 77-77
1974-02-27Manuel Sanchez
Bird's Isle, Belize City, BelizeWTKO610
1973-07-06David Dakers
Belize City, BelizeLKO2
These two fought at least three times
1973-03-11Rodolfo Martinez0-1-0
Belize City, BelizeWKO310
Cameron beat "Rudolfo Martinez" of Mexico
1972-10-08Kid Bowser
Belize City, BelizeWKO910
1972-07-29Roy Goss4-6-2
National Arena, Kingston, JamaicaLPTS88
Cameron's first bout since Oct 1971
1971-09-11Beresford Small1-2-0
Guinness Gym, Kingston, JamaicaWSD88
referee: Speedy Flynn
1970-09-05Roy Goss2-4-1
National Arena, Kingston, JamaicaWTKO?
referee: Seaside Johnson
1970-07-26Kid Totas10-1-1
National Arena, Kingston, JamaicaLPTS88
1970-02-07Kid Totas7-1-0
Kingston, JamaicaLPTS88
1969-06-21Kid Totas5-1-0
National Arena, Kingston, JamaicaLPTS88
1969-06-14Kid Totas4-1-0
Kingston, JamaicaLPTS66
1969-03-08Roy Goss1-1-0
National Stadium, Kingston, JamaicaWTKO36
time: 2:40
1968-07-28Alfred Nembhard2-1-0
National Stadium, Kingston, JamaicaWSD44
1968-07-06Kid Totas1-0-0
Kingston, JamaicaLPTS88


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