Mike Siegel
Global ID80877
country USA
residenceOakland, California, USA
won 18 (KO 4) + lost 9 (KO 2) + drawn 5 = 33
rounds boxed 152 KO% 12.12

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1930-10-15Johnny Mello2-6-0
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALKO24
1927-11-04Benny Vierra38-8-13
El Cerrito, California, USALPTS88
1927-06-02Benny Burns6-1-1
Cleveland, Ohio, USALPTS66
1927-03-09Young Carmen52-24-36
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USADPTS66
1927-02-15Sammy Offerman14-12-11
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USADPTS66
Offerman was down twice in the 1st, but rallied thereafter to earn the draw.
1927-01-05Johnny Reno22-12-7
National Hall, San Francisco, California, USAWTKO8
Bout stopped due to severely cut eye of Reno
1926-12-10Joe Layman35-37-24
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USALPTS66
1926-11-12Danny Garcia7-5-1
L-st Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWPTS66
1926-11-10Johnny Lawson34-26-22
National Hall, San Francisco, California, USAWPTS44
1926-03-17Johnny Bright3-6-0
Cleveland, Ohio, USAWTKO78
1925-12-02Harry LaBarre5-3-4
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALPTS44
1925-10-21Stewart McLean19-6-3
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALTKO710
Siegel was down in the 6th and 7th. His corner threw in the towel, following the second knockdown.
1925-10-07Sidney Kid Belt11-15-4
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWKO2
Belt down twice in 1st, once in 2nd
1925-09-30Joe Bell19-14-16
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1925-09-16Johnny Lawson26-20-14
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1925-08-25Weldon (Tuffy) Wing56-31-34
California Hall, San Francisco, California, USAWPTS1010
Siegel was an Oakland high school student at this time.
1925-06-26Bushy Graham1-0-0
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USAWPTS44
1925-06-12Johnny Lawson24-19-14
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USAWPTS44
1925-05-29Johnny Lawson24-19-13
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USADPTS44
1924-11-21Tommy O'Leary37-16-28
L-st Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWPTS44
"Seigal" had ten pounds on O'Leary. Sacramento Star
1924-10-29Angelo Pappas14-7-14
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USADPTS44
1924-10-22Pancho Dencio1-9-5
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1924-10-01Chick McGill0-6-1
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1924-08-13Doc Snell13-6-11
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1924-07-23Tommy Smith0-1-0
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWKO24
1924-07-16Joe Cardinet13-14-11
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1924-05-31Joe Burns5-4-7
Lyceum A.C., Los Angeles, California, USALPTS44
1924-05-23Joe Burns5-3-7
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USAWPTS44
1924-04-09Sailor White2-3-7
Venice, California, USAWPTS44
1924-01-21Johnny Sacco2-1-2
Marysville, California, USADPTS44
1924-01-04KO Andrews9-2-3
L-st Arena, Sacramento, California, USALPTS44
1923-11-20Harry Sharkey
Stockton, California, USANCNC?4
A report contain the result of this bout was not found in the San Francisco Chronicle.
1923-09-06Bob White1-0-0
West Side Arena, San Jose, California, USALPTS44
White's opponent was listed as "Mike Sigel."


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