Archie Moore
Global ID8995
birthdate 1916-12-13
death date 1998-12-09 (81)
divisionlight heavyweight
height5′ 11″   /   180cm
reach75″   /   191cm
aliasOld Mongoose
country USA
residenceBenoit, Mississippi, USA
birth placeBenoit, Mississippi, USA
birth nameArchibald Lee Wright
won 185 (KO 131) + lost 23 (KO 7) + drawn 10 = 219
rounds boxed 1473 KO% 59.82

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1963-03-15Mike DiBiase
Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, USAWTKO310
time: 0:20 | referee: Dick Moll
"Archie Moore came to Phoenix and took a match with wrestler Mike DiBiase. The match was set for 10-rounds, and was a challenge affair stemming from a previous bout that Moore had refereed. Needless to say, Mike was no match..Mike was taking a pretty good licking, but a cut eye was the cause of stopping the bout."
1962-11-15Muhammad Ali15-0-0
Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USALTKO412
time: 1:35 | referee: Tommy Hart
Moore was knocked down three times in the 4th.
1962-05-28Willie Pastrano54-10-6
Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USADMD1010
referee: Tommy Hart 5-4 | judge: Dick Young 5-5 | judge: Lee Grossman 5-5
1962-05-07Howard King38-24-8
Tijuana, Baja California, MexicoWKO110
time: 1:15 | referee: Joe Louis
1962-03-30Alejandro Lavorante19-2-0
Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO1010
time: 0:38 | referee: Tommy Hart 9-3 | judge: Lee Grossman 9-1 | judge: George Latka 10-2
Attendance: 13,532. Gate: $122,678.
Referee stopped the fight. Lavorante was carried from the ring on a stretcher.

1961-10-23Pete Rademacher13-5-1
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO610
time: 2:10 | referee: Benny Goldstein
Rademacher was down eight times
1961-06-10Giulio Rinaldi25-5-0
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWUD1515
referee: Ruby Goldstein 11-3 | judge: Artie Aidala 11-4 | judge: Tony Castellano 9-5
NYSAC World light heavyweight title
Also recognized as for World Light Heavyweight Title by California, Massachussets -- NBA had stripped Moore on Oct 25, 1960
1961-03-25Buddy Turman35-7-1
Araneta Coliseum, Barangay Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWUD1010
50-39 | 50-42 | 53-50
1960-11-28Buddy Turman35-6-1
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWUD1010
referee: Jackie Woodruff 99-94 | judge: William Shaw 96-94 | judge: Lonnie Hudkins 100-96
1960-10-29Giulio Rinaldi21-5-0
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyLUD1010
The referee issued a standing eight count to Moore in the 10th.
1960-09-13George Abinet6-14-1
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWRTD310
Moore dropped to one knee in the 3rd round (he said later it was a combination of a slip and a left jab thrown by Abinet). Abinet was down twice in the 3rd. He did not come out for the 4th round, due to a broken nose.
1960-05-25Willi Besmanoff42-20-7
Fairgrounds Coliseum, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWTKO1010
time: 1:32 | referee: Frank Gilmer
Promoted as for "American Heavyweight Title"
1959-08-12Yvon Durelle80-20-2
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWKO315
time: 2:52 | referee: Jack Sharkey | judge: Leon Germain 10-8 | judge: Johnny Gow 10-8 | judge: Rene Ouimet 9-9
NYSAC World light heavyweight title
National Boxing Association World light heavyweight title
World Light Heavyweight Title
Durelle was knocked down four times in the 3rd.

1959-03-09Sterling Davis
Ector County Coliseum, Odessa, Texas, USAWTKO310
referee: Paavo Ketonen
Davis was a wrestler. The referee stopped it due to bad cuts over both of Davis' eyes. Davis was down three times in the 2nd.
1958-12-10Yvon Durelle79-19-2
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWKO1115
time: 0:49 | referee: Jack Sharkey | judge: Rene Ouimet 46-45 | judge: Harry Shulman 44-42 | judge: Leon Germain 44-42
World Light Heavyweight Title
Moore down three times in first, once in fifth. Gets up puts Durelle down four times for win.

1958-08-04Howard King34-15-6
Moana Ball Park, Reno, Nevada, USADPTS1010
referee: Jimmy Olivas
1958-06-09Howard King34-14-6
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Johnny Reno 99-90 | judge: Fred Bottaro 99-91 | judge: Mario Duccini 100-90
1958-05-26Charley Norkus32-16-0
Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Jack Downey 100-89 | judge: Eddie James 100-85 | judge: Frankie Carter 100-86
1958-05-17Howard King34-13-6
Coliseum, San Diego, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Jimmy Wilson 100-81 | judge: Frank Rustich 100-81 | judge: Hal Rickards 100-82
1958-05-02Willi Besmanoff38-11-7
Freedom Hall State Fairground, Louisville, Kentucky, USAWSD1010
referee: Walter Beck
Besmanoff was knocked down in the 3rd.
1958-03-10Bob Albright21-7-3
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWTKO710
1958-03-04Bert Whitehurst24-12-2
Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California, USAWTKO1010
referee: Tommy Hart 86-88 | judge: Costello Cruz 87-86 | judge: John Thomas 89-86
Whitehurst was knocked down twice in the 10th round.
1958-02-01Julio Neves20-14-1
Ginásio Gilberto Cardoso, Río de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilWKO310
time: 1:40
1958-01-18Luis Ignacio23-2-1
Ginásio Estadual do Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, BrazilWPTS1010
1957-11-29Roger Rischer15-5-2
Auditorium, Portland, Oregon, USAWKO410
time: 1:12 | referee: Eddie Volk
1957-11-05Eddie Cotton32-7-1
Civic Auditorium, Seattle, Washington, USAWPTS1010
Cotton was knocked down three times
1957-10-31Ralph KO Hooker18-21-1
Exhibition Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWTKO510
time: 1:45 | referee: Bert Lowes
The referee stopped the bout after Mitchell went down twice in the round. Hooker fought as "Bob Mitchell"
1957-09-20Tony Anthony31-4-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWKO715
time: 2:29 | referee: Mushy Callahan
World Light Heavyweight Title
Anthony was knocked down in the 6th and 7th. Archie Moore made six trips to the scale to make 175 pounds.

1957-06-02Alain Cherville22-5-1
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWTKO610
referee: Max Schmeling
Cherville was knocked down in the 1st, 2nd, and 6th rounds.
1957-05-01Hans Kalbfell16-1-0
Dubois-Arena, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWUD1010
referee: Max Schmeling
Kalfbell was knocked down in the 4th and 9th rounds.
1956-11-30Floyd Patterson30-1-0
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALKO515
time: 2:27 | referee: Frank Sikora | judge: John Bray 18-18 | judge: Jim McManus 16-20 | judge: Frank Sikora 17-20
~ Vacant World Heavyweight Title ~
1956-09-08Roy Shire
Ogden Stadium, Ogden, Utah, USAWTKO310
time: 1:55
Shire was a well-known wrestler. A cut over his right eye ended the bout.
1956-07-25James J. Parker29-5-4
Maple Leaf Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO915
time: 2:02 | referee: Billy Burke 7-0 | judge: Jackie Johnson 7-0 | 8-0
Attendance: 19,832. Gate: $148,500. Referee stopped the fight.
1956-06-05Yolande Pompey31-2-3
Harringay Arena, Harringay, London, United KingdomWTKO1015x3
referee: Jack Hart
World Light Heavyweight Title
1956-04-30Gene Thompson8-12-5
Tucson, Arizona, USAWTKO310
1956-04-26Sonny Andrews14-11-1
Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaWKO410
1956-04-16George Parmentier17-11-4
Civic Auditorium, Seattle, Washington, USAWTKO310
referee: Davey Ward
Parmentier was down three times in the 3rd.
1956-04-10Willie Bean41-24-5
Auditorium, Richmond, California, USAWTKO510
referee: Jack Downey
Bean was knocked down six times.
1956-03-27Howard King29-8-5
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Johnny Bassanelli 62-48 | judge: Merle Ziegler 60-50 | judge: Pete Morelli 60-50
1956-03-17Frankie Daniels28-11-1
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Charley Randolph 58-52 | judge: Lee Grossman 58-52 | judge: Jimmy Wilson 58-52
1956-02-27Bob Dunlap30-12-1
Arena, San Diego, California, USAWKO110
time: 1:56 | referee: Frank Rustich
1956-02-20Howard King28-7-5
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, California, USAWPTS1010
1955-09-21Rocky Marciano48-0-0
Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York, USALKO915
time: 1:19 | referee: Harry Kessler 2-5 | judge: Harold Barnes 3-5 | judge: Artie Aidala 1-7
World Heavyweight Title
Moore floored Marciano in the 2nd round for a "2" count but was knocked down officially four times himself — twice in the 6th, once in the 8th and then when he was counted out in round 9. Marciano appeared to score a knockdown in the 7th, the timekeeper started a count but the referee waved it off as a slip.

1955-06-22Bobo Olson69-6-0
Polo Grounds, New York, New York, USAWKO315
time: 1:19 | referee: Ruby Goldstein
World Light Heavyweight Title
1955-05-02Nino Valdes32-8-3
Cashman Field, Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWPTS1515
referee: James J. Braddock 8-5
World Heavyweight Title, as recognized by Nevada
Referee Braddock was the sole judge.

1954-08-11Harold Johnson47-5-0
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWTKO1415
time: 0:56 | referee: Ruby Goldstein 5-6 | judge: Artie Aidala 5-8 | judge: Bert Grant 9-8
World Light Heavyweight Title
Moore was down in the 10th, Johnson was down in the 14th. Grant's card was 6-6 in round at the time of the stoppage, but 9-8 in supplemental scoring.

1954-06-07Bert Whitehurst18-3-0
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USAWTKO610
time: 1:09 | referee: Mark Conn
1954-03-09Bob Baker31-4-1
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USAWTKO910
time: 2:08 | referee: Petey Sarron
1954-01-27Joey Maxim79-20-4
Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida, USAWUD1515
referee: Cy Gottfried
World Light Heavyweight Title
Maxim was knocked down in the 8th and 11th rounds.
Scoring: 145-137, 148-135, 148-134

1953-09-12Dogomar Martinez24-0-1
Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, ArgentinaWPTS1010
1953-08-22Rinaldo Ansaloni2-0-0
Estadio Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, ArgentinaWTKO410
1953-06-24Joey Maxim79-19-4
Ogden Stadium, Ogden, Utah, USAWUD1515
referee: Ray Miller 7-6 | judge: Nat Fleischer 8-7 | judge: Ken Shulsen 8-5
World Light Heavyweight Title
1953-03-30Frank Buford21-19-7
Coliseum, San Diego, California, USAWTKO910
time: 1:56 | referee: Joe Stone
1953-03-17Al Spaulding25-23-1
Armory, Spokane, Washington, USAWKO310
time: 1:54
Spaulding was knocked down four times.
1953-03-11Nino Valdes21-5-3
Arena, Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWUD1010
1953-03-03Sonny Andrews12-7-0
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USAWTKO510
referee: Max Baer
Andrews was stopped on a cut left eye.
1953-02-16Leonard Dugan5-0-0
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, California, USAWTKO810
time: 1:12 | referee: Jack Downey
1953-01-27Toxie Hall8-3-2
Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio, USAWKO410
Hall was down twice in the 4th. Moore broke his nose with his first left jab in the 1st round.
1952-12-17Joey Maxim78-18-4
Arena, Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWUD1515
referee: Harry Kessler 76-74 | 82-58 | 87-63
World Light Heavyweight Title
1952-07-25Clinton Bacon21-5-2
Bears Stadium, Denver, Colorado, USAWTKO410
1952-06-26Clarence Henry32-3-1
Memorial Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWUD1010
referee: Joe Louis
The official scoring on rounds was 7-2-1, 9-1, and 8-1-1.
1952-05-19Bob Dunlap23-6-1
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, California, USAWKO610
1952-02-27Jimmy Slade22-4-3
Arena, Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWUD1010
referee: Bob Ingham
1952-01-29Harold Johnson34-3-0
Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio, USAWUD1010
Scoring: 53-46, 53-46, 56-44
1951-12-10Harold Johnson33-3-0
Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALUD1010
referee: Ted Jamieson 4-5 | judge: Julius Goldman 4-5 | judge: Bill Lachenmaier 4-6
1951-10-29Chubby Wright27-32-3
Kiel Auditorium, Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWTKO710
time: 2:34 | referee: Harry Kessler
1951-09-24Harold Johnson33-2-0
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
referee: Zach Clayton | judge: Lou Tress | judge: Frank Knaresborough
The official scoring on rounds was 5-4-1, 6-3-1, and 6-3-1. Johnson's two best rounds were the second and fifth, in both of which he hurt Moore, but he failed to follow up on his advantage either time. Moore slowed Johnson down with a rally in the last minute of the sixth round and won the 7th, 8th, and 9th rounds handily. Johnson slipped to the floor after a beating in the 9th, but the referee ruled it a slip.
1951-09-05Embrel Davidson20-2-0
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO110
time: 2:51
Attendance: 2,757. Gate: $4,695.
1951-08-17Alfredo Lagay39-10-12
Palacio de los Deportes, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaWKO310
1951-08-05Rafael Miranda10-6-2
Palacio de los Deportes, Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, ArgentinaWTKO410
tr1151 says Aug 4
1951-07-28Americo Capitanelli3-21-3
San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucuman, ArgentinaWKO310
1951-07-26Victor Carabajal1-1-1
Cordoba, Cordoba, ArgentinaWKO312
tr1151 has 7-25
1951-07-14Vicente Quiroz3-1-2
Cine Boston, Montevideo, UruguayWTKO610
Quiroz was knocked down before the bell to end the 5th round. The referee did not allow him out for the 6th round.
1951-07-07Alberto Santiago Lovell76-7-3
Estadio Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, ArgentinaWKO112
time: 0:46
Lovell was knocked down twice.
1951-06-23Karel Sys98-12-8
Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, ArgentinaDPTS1212
Sys is a substitute for Alberto Lovell
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