Damian Fuller
Global ID9056
birthdate 1977-07-29
divisionsuper lightweight
height5′ 8″   /   173cm
US ID051784
country USA
residenceDetroit, Michigan, USA
birth nameDamian Lamar Fuller
won 30 (KO 14) + lost 8 (KO 4) + drawn 1 = 39
rounds boxed 223 KO% 35.9

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2010-07-10DeMarcus Corley36-13-1
Patriot Center - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USALTKO48
time: 2:49 | referee: William Johnson | judge: Mark D'Attilio
Fuller down twice in rd 4.
2010-04-10Lamont Peterson27-1-0
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALTKO710
time: 1:10 | referee: Joe Cortez
2008-10-17Tyrone Harris22-4-0
The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USALTKO912
time: 0:47 | referee: Ron Cunningham | judge: Scott Dexter | judge: Tim Drwenche | judge: Gerard White
vacant USBA lightweight title
2007-11-23Fernando Angulo19-4-0
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USALUD1010
91-99 | 93-97 | 94-96
2007-10-13Matt Zegan37-3-0
Sears Centre, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USAWTKO210
time: 0:52 | referee: Pete Podgorski | judge: Scott Dexter | judge: Mike Fitzgerald | judge: Nathan Palmer
2007-07-14Marteze Logan25-27-2
Coushatta Casino Resort, Kinder, Louisiana, USAWUD1212
referee: Rick Exe | judge: Bruce McDaniel 115-112 | judge: Kenny Saintes 116-111 | judge: Ray Clarey 116-112
NBA Lightweight Title
2007-05-12Dean White14-6-1
Patriot Center - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USAWTKO38
time: 2:20
2007-04-06Jairo Rafael Ramirez20-3-0
4th and B, San Diego, California, USAWSD88
judge: Max DeLuca 76-74 | judge: Alejandro Rochin 76-74 | judge: Fritz Werner 73-77
Ramirez down in the 1st rd, Fuller in the 3rd.
2006-10-20Derrick Moon11-12-1
The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USAWUD88
judge: Eugene Acey | judge: Tim Drwenche | judge: John Parish
Judges scores: 80-72, 79-73, 77-75.
2005-10-22Jerry Cooper16-15-1
Wing's Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USAWTKO310
time: 2:43 | referee: Frank Garza | judge: Jake Jack Richards | judge: John Parish | judge: Tim Drwenche
2005-06-21John Brown23-12-1
A La Carte Event Pavilion, Tampa, Florida, USADSD1010
referee: Tommy Kimmons | judge: Peter Trematerra 96-94 | judge: Alex Levin 95-95 | judge: Michael Pernick 94-96
2004-04-30Lamar Murphy29-6-1
Civic Center, Hammond, Indiana, USAWUD1212
referee: Bill Paige | judge: Blake Allen 116-110 | judge: Fred Jones 117-109 | judge: Gary Merritt 117-109
vacant IBF Inter-Continental lightweight title
Murphy down in round seven, Fuller down in round twelve
2004-03-26John Trigg11-24-5
Miccosukee Indian Gaming Resort, Miami, Florida, USAWUD44
referee: Jorge Alonso | judge: John Rupert 40-36 | judge: Mark Streisand 40-36 | 40-36
2003-11-29John Hoffman10-11-0
Boot Scootin' Bingo Parlor, Lafayette, Indiana, USAWTKO112
time: 2:09 | referee: Bill Paige | judge: Blake Allen | judge: Eric Fetzer | judge: Fred Jones
USA Mid West lightweight title
NABC Lightweight Title
2003-06-20Diego Corrales36-1-0
Home Depot Training Center, Dominguez Hills, California, USALKO310
time: 0:48 | referee: Jose Cobian
2003-04-05Lovemore Ndou32-5-1
Silver Star Casino, Choctaw, Mississippi, USALTD810
N'Dou won a unanimus decision over Fuller. The bout was stopped in the eighth round after an unintentional head butt opened a nasty gash above N'Dou's right eye.
Fuller down twice.

2002-10-05Juan Polo Perez45-27-4
Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USAWUD88
judge: Frank Barbarich | judge: Randy Ericson | judge: Charles McHenry
Scores: 79-72, 79-73, 78-73
Polo Perez down in round 7

2002-07-26Reggie Sanders10-21-4
DeltaPlex, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWUD1010
judge: Gerald Anderson | judge: Jake Jack Richards | judge: Robert Paganelli
USA Mid American lightweight title
USA Mid West lightweight title
Midwest Lightweight Title
2002-06-21John Frazier3-9-1
DeCarlo's Banquet Center, Warren, Michigan, USAWKO16
time: 1:46 | judge: Frank Garza | judge: Dario Chiarini | judge: John Parish
2002-05-03Michael Davis21-8-0
Detroit, Michigan, USAWUD1212
NBA Intercontinental Lightweight Title
2002-03-29Roberto Ortega14-6-1
Club International, Detroit, Michigan, USAWUD1010
judge: Ron Cunningham | judge: Dennis O'Connell | judge: Charles Fecay
USA Mid West lightweight title
USA Mid American lightweight title
Vacant Mid-Western Lightweight Title
2002-01-22Douglas Villarreal27-7-1
Andiamo's Banquet Center, Detroit, Michigan, USAWTKO7
judge: Rosemary Grable | judge: Eugene Acey | judge: Brad Wright
Corner Retirement.
2001-11-23Pedro Garcia30-34-0
The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USAWUD66
judge: Frank Garza | judge: John Parish | judge: James Hoomaian
2001-08-17Chris Regular1-3-0
Club International, Detroit, Michigan, USAWTKO16
time: 1:50 | judge: Dario Chiarini | judge: John Chaulk | judge: Dennis O'Connell
2001-07-24Juan Valenzuela11-3-0
Chene Park, Detroit, Michigan, USALSD88
referee: Frank Garza | judge: Randy Ericson 72-80 | judge: Charles Fecay 77-75 | judge: James Hoomaian 73-79
2001-03-29Michael Jamison9-1-0
Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USAWSD66
referee: Sam Williams | judge: Rosemary Grable 58-56 | judge: John Parish 60-54 | judge: Chip Acey 56-58
2001-02-10Teddy Worth6-36-2
Club International, Detroit, Michigan, USAWUD88
judge: D. Acey | judge: Frank Barbarich | judge: John Chaulk
2001-01-19Armando Bosquez13-8-2
Soaring Eagle Casino, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USAWKO3
2000-10-13Rudolfo Lunsford10-11-1
Club International, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO48
2000-07-29Alric Johnson19-8-0
Antheniem Greektown Hotel, Detroit, Michigan, USAWUD88
2000-07-07Marty O'Donnell5-0-0
Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO1
2000-06-10Marty Robbins8-8-0
Fox Theater, Detroit, Michigan, USAWTKO26
time: 2:15
Robbins down twice in 1st & twice in 2nd.
2000-05-04Reggie Sanders8-13-3
Detroit, Michigan, USAWPTS66
2000-02-24Johannes Musa0-8-0
Scottish Rites, San Diego, California, USAWKO26
1999-12-10Darniel Minion
Cobo Center Ballroom, Detroit, Michigan, USAWTKO14
time: 1:00 | referee: Frank Garza
Minion debuts
1999-07-20Chad Brisson
Casino Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, CanadaLUD44
referee: Fern Chretien | judge: Charles Williams 36-40 | judge: Frank Bullard 36-40 | judge: Bernie Cormier 36-40
1999-04-08Teddy Worth4-16-1
The Roostertail , Detroit, Michigan, USAWUD66
judge: Charles Fecay | judge: Steve Tarnow | judge: John Chaulk
1998-11-20Benjamin Russell
Southfield, Michigan, USAWKO1
1998-08-28Peter Howard1-3-0
Southfield, Michigan, USAWPTS44


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