Donnie Fleeman
Global ID9366
birthdate 1931-07-02
death date 2012-02-29 (80)
divisionlight heavyweight
height6′ 2″   /   188cm
country USA
residenceMidlothian, Texas, USA
birth placeMidlothian, Texas, USA
birth nameDonnie Edward Fleeman
won 35 (KO 23) + lost 12 (KO 2) + drawn 1 = 48
rounds boxed 366 KO% 47.92

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1961-02-21Muhammad Ali4-0-0
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USALRTD68
referee: Bill Regan 49-60 | judge: Stuart Winston 52-60 | judge: Barry Pearlman 50-60
Fight stopped due to Fleeman rib injury after Round 6.
1961-01-23Pete Rademacher10-3-1
Civic Ice Arena, Seattle, Washington, USALUD1010
referee: Whitey Domstad 92-100 | judge: Sam Heller 91-100 | judge: Ely Caston 91-100
1960-11-28George Johnson4-4-0
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWTKO710
1960-10-30Santo Amonti35-2-1
Palasport, Milan, Lombardia, ItalyLKO710
1960-09-08George Logan14-2-1
Boise, Idaho, USALUD1010
1960-07-09Giulio Rinaldi19-5-0
Roma, Lazio, ItalyLPTS1010
1960-06-07Freddy Blades11-1-1
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USAWUD1010
referee: Jimmy Peerless 95-92 | judge: Barry Pearlman 96-94 | judge: Gus Jacobson 95-94
1960-04-05Alvin Williams53-33-6
Amarillo, Texas, USALPTS1010
1960-03-09Ron Redrup13-10-3
Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, United KingdomWPTS88x3
referee: Eugene Henderson
Boxing News 18/3/60
1960-01-19Charley Pavlis6-5-0
Sports Arena, Amarillo, Texas, USAWTKO410
time: 1:22 | referee: J D Turner
1959-12-14Garvin Sawyer14-9-0
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWUD1010
referee: Homer Hendrix 97-92 | judge: Norman Levinson 98-94 | judge: Gerald Miller 99-95
Sawyer was down in the 10th round.
1959-11-02Buddy Turman32-5-0
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USADPTS1010
referee: Jackie Woodruff 95-96 | judge: Norman Levinson 96-96 | judge: Charlie Cravotta 96-96
1959-10-05Tommy Sims25-10-3
Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWTKO510
1959-09-15Tommy Sims25-8-3
Coliseum, El Paso, Texas, USAWTKO610
time: 1:38 | referee: Eddie O'Brien
1959-09-01Alvin Williams53-27-6
Beaumont, Texas, USAWPTS1010
1959-07-03Alfredo Zuany27-2-0
Coliseum, El Paso, Texas, USALSD1010
referee: Phil Romano 91-95 | judge: Carl Beers 93-97 | judge: Irwin Lambka 97-96
1959-05-09Mike Holt36-7-1
Rand Stadium, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaLPTS1010
1959-04-01Roy Harris24-1-0
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USALUD1212
referee: Charlie Cravotta 108-120 | judge: Skipper Cherry 105-120 | judge: Norman Levinson 109-119
USA Texas State heavyweight title
1959-01-26Willi Besmanoff39-14-7
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWUD1010
referee: Milt Goldstein 98-87 | judge: Julius Goldman 98-90 | judge: Ray Jackson 97-85
Besmanoff was knocked down in the 4th and 9th round.
1958-12-01Roy Harris23-1-0
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USALUD1212
referee: Morris Fair 109-119 | judge: Norman Levinson 107-120 | judge: Skipper Cherry 107-120
USA Texas State heavyweight title
1958-10-27Ezzard Charles92-22-1
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWKO610
time: 2:13 | referee: Morris Fair
Charles was down twice in the 5th.
1958-10-06Crowe Peele15-3-0
Goldsby Park, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USAWKO1010
time: 0:43
1958-08-04Roque Maravilla28-2-1
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USALSD1010
1958-06-30Buddy Turman28-3-0
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWUD1010
referee: Morris Fair 98-95 | judge: Norman Levinson 98-97 | judge: Cotton Looper 98-95
1958-06-10Tommy Sims17-5-2
Tyler, Texas, USAWPTS1010
1958-05-12Bobby Lane29-11-3
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWTKO210
time: 1:30 | referee: Jackie Woodruff
Lane was down twice in the 2nd round.
1958-04-28Matt Jackson21-9-5
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWTKO910
time: 2:33 | referee: Jack Marshall
Jackson was down in the 9th.
1958-04-07Alvin Green17-4-1
Ector County Coliseum, Odessa, Texas, USAWSD1212
referee: Rex Maxwell 116-112 | judge: Eddie Davis 113-116 | judge: Joe Valdez 117-113
USA Texas State light heavyweight title
1958-03-24Ray Augustus68-20-4
Midland High School Gym, Midland, Texas, USAWKO8
1958-03-03Ruben Hernandez20-9-0
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWTKO410
time: 2:05 | referee: Jackie Woodruff
1957-07-30Buddy Crosser
Midland, Texas, USAWKO3
1957-04-18Frank Lawson3-5-1
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWKO88
1957-04-06Alvin Green17-3-1
Longview, Texas, USAWKO212
USA Texas State light heavyweight title
1957-03-04Johnny Hollins9-9-1
Tyler, Texas, USAWPTS66
1957-01-14Dewayne Garris8-4-1
Kallio's Arena, Monroe, Louisiana, USAWTKO44
1956-10-01Alvin Green10-3-1
Tyler, Texas, USALPTS1212
USA Texas State light heavyweight title
1956-09-13Ted Poole0-2-0
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWUD1010
Date: Friday, September 14, 1956 Paper: Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX) Section: Part 1 Page: 16
1956-07-26Ted Poole0-1-0
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWKO810
1956-07-04LeJune Burks2-5-0
Port Arthur, Texas, USAWKO4
1956-06-21Ted Poole
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWPTS88
1956-05-21Baker Gamble4-0-0
Tyler, Texas, USAWKO6
1956-05-03Johnny Hollins6-2-1
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWKO610
1956-03-22LeJune Burks2-4-0
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWKO38
1956-03-19Harold Woodson6-4-0
Tyler, Texas, USAWKO1
1956-01-16Frank Lawson2-1-0
Tyler, Texas, USAWPTS88
1955-11-29Lawrence LeBlue4-3-0
Will Rogers Coliseum, Fort Worth, Texas, USAWTKO78
1955-08-15Lawrence Johnson
Waxahachie, Texas, USAWKO5
1955-07-18Billy Watson
Waxahachie, Texas, USAWKO7


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