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Abbos Atoev ( 7 June 1986 ) is an Uzbek amateur boxer best known for winning the gold at light heavyweight at the 2007 World Championships in Chicago. He was born in the village of Qulkhatib in the Vabkent district of Bukhara Province. The southpaw beat Frenchman Mamadou Diambang inside the distance, Croatian Marijo Šivolija in the quarterfinals, Yerkebuian Shynaliyev of Kazahkstan in the semifinals. In the final he upset Russian favorite Artur Beterbiev 20-17 in a fight, in which he was knocked down in the third and trailing, but won with a rally down the stretch. In 2009, Atoev dropped down to the middleweight class and won a second World amateur title, at the 2009 competition in Milan, Italy. At the 2012 London Olympic games, Atoev won a bronze medal in the middleweight class.

World amateur championship results

2007 (as a Light heavyweight)

2009 (as a middleweight)

2011 (as a middleweight, 75 kg)

Olympic results

2008 (as a Light heavyweight)

2012 (as a middleweight, 75 kg)