Abe Hibbard

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Abe Hibbard

"Nearly everyone in Lincolnshire sporting circles knows Abe Hibbard, sometime boxer, sometime owner of trotting ponies - and always an angler, a sport which he has never forsaken for very long."


"Known at the time as a promising youngster, Abe first commenced to build up his really formidable reputation after he joined the Gal-Haigh band of boxers with whom he met Billy Johnson (a life-long pal), the coloured champion Dan Lewis, coloured Welterweight Champion Con Cannon and Billy Hill, the old blind boxer who now sits a pathetic figure at the ring side. Abe soon began to show his prowess and after two and a half years became 9st. 12lb. champion of the North of England."

"Some of his boxing feats should be recorded although it is impossible to give an account of his two hundred fights. Abe was the first to offer "a pound a round" in a boxing booth, and it was only once taken away from him, the lucky man being a 16st. miner from Shirebrook."

"His best performance in the ring was when he beat two men in one night, his victims being the Bailey brothers. This affair was for 50pounds and was staged at Staley (Staveley) Bridge."

"'With or Without" was Abe's motto so far as gloves were concerned, and on September 6th, 1899 he beat Charley West at 'Tinsley Park in a barefisted encounter for 25 pounds a side."

All quotes from A Lifetime in Sport - Abe Hibbard

Hibbard was also known as a boxing promoter, champion Horse trotter trainer, owner and rider, champion Angler and also Pigeon flying champion.