Abner Mares vs. Damian David Marchiano

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Total Punches Mares Marchiano Landed 476 165 Thrown 1060 842 Pct. 45% 20% Power Punches Mares Marchiano Landed 347 127 Thrown 580 569 Pct. 60% 22%

2007-11-17 : Abner Mares 117¾ lbs beat Damian David Marchiano 115¾ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

  • NABO Bantamweight Title (1st defense of Mares)
  • Weights: Mares 117.75 lbs, Marchiano 115.75 lbs
  • Attendance: 2,000
  • Aired on: HBO Boxing After Dark


  • Mares started bleeding from the nose in round 2.
  • Mares penalized one point in round 11 for low blows.
  • ESPN scored the fight 117-110 for Mares.

Preceded by:
Mares vs. Garcia
NABO Bantamweight Title Fight
# 19
Succeeded by:
Mares vs. Gabi