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Adonis Stevenson vs. Jermain Mackey

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2009-09-25 : Adonis Stevenson 166 lbs beat Jermain Mackey 167¾ lbs by TKO at 0:20 in round 5 of 12

  • WBC International Super Middleweight Title (Vacant Title)
  • Time: 0:20


Adonis Stevenson captured vacant WBC International super middleweight title stopping Jermain Mackey in round 5.


  • Title had been vacated by Robert Stieglitz in order to pursue a WBO Super Middleweight title fight against Karoly Balzsay.
  • Mackey down at the end of round 4.
  • Before the start of round 5, the ringside physician has a long discussion with Mackey before finally deciding to let him continue fighting.
  • However, barely 20 seconds into round 5, the referee comes to the conclusion that Mackey is overmatched and calls a halt to the fight.
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