Adrien Broner vs. Vicente Escobedo

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2012-07-21 : Adrien Broner 133½ lbs beat Vicente Escobedo 130 lbs by TKO at 2:45 in round 5 of 12

After challenger Vicente Escobedo came in at the super featherweight limit of 130 pounds at the official weigh-in, champion Adrien Broner weighed 133.5 pounds and was subsequently stripped of the WBO Super Featherweight Title.

Escobedo's team demanded a second weigh-in on the morning of the fight, and manager Rolando Arellano insisted that Broner come to the 9:30 a.m. ET weight check no more than 10 pounds above the contract weight, meaning 140 pounds.

However, Broner weighed 143.2 pounds, with his camp insisting he was within the 10-pound limit of the 133.5 pounds he weighed the day before at the official weigh-in.

The difference over the second weigh-in weight led to a day-long, dragged-out negotiation over whether the fight would take place and, if so, how much more money Escobedo would be paid.

Broner was already fined 20 percent — $60,000 -— of his $300,000 purse by the Ohio commission for missing weight. Half went to the commission and the other half went to Escobedo, boosting his purse from $150,000 to $180,000.

However, Escobedo received another chunk of money for agreeing to fight as a result of the negotiation. Although the figure was not disclosed, a source with knowledge of the negotiation said Escobedo received more than an extra $50,000 on top of the $180,000 he already was due.

The title would be on the line for Escobedo but would be declared vacant if Broner won.

On the night of fight, Broner weighed 147 and Escobedo was 142.

When the bout began, the size difference was soon apparent: Broner solid and muscular, Escobedo relatively wiry. Evident too, however, was a gulf in skill and class. Escobedo, a credible contender, was simply no match for Broner's speed or his repertoire of moves.

After a relatively quiet opening frame, Broner began to target Escobedo's body in the second round. A brief flurry was mostly blocked but prompted Broner's hometown Cincinnati crowd to erupt in roars. In the third, Broner maintained his body attack then switched to uppercuts that thudded off his opponent's jaw.

In the fourth, Escobedo appeared to be showing the first signs of wilting, and when he returned to his corner, he was bleeding from his nose.

Broner, constantly changing his attack, opened up the fifth by landing a succession of blistering overhand rights behind a short left jab. He backed Escobedo into a corner and dug to his body. A left hook knocked Escobedo backward and the end was now clearly in sight. Broner erupted, unleashing his full arsenal in search of a stoppage, which came when trainer Joel Diaz had seen enough and stepped onto the ring apron to wave the towel.


  • Tickets were priced at $128, $78, $53 and $28.
  • Broner was scheduled to make his second defense of the WBO Super Featherweight Title.
  • Escobedo was on a four-fight winning streak after moving from lightweight to junior lightweight.
  • Broner was rated #3 at junior lightweight by The Ring Magazine, while Escobedo was unranked.
  • Escobedo was a 8.5 to 1 underdog.


  • "I'm young. I'm 22. I'm still growing. I just feel like it's time for me to go up. After this fight, there really wouldn't be a reason for me to stay. I'm just going to go up and give the lightweights hell." - Adrien Broner after failing to make weight
  • "I had to keep to my decision to fight. He definitely felt stronger. I felt his power. He's fast and hard to hit. I was trying to work the body, but he was too quick. I did my job; I came here on weight like a professional and he didn't. That's the past, and he was the better man tonight." - Vicente Escobedo after the fight


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