Al Hostak vs. Steve Belloise (2nd meeting)

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Hostak-Belloise II Poster.JPG

1947-08-26 : Steve Belloise 159 lbs lost to Al Hostak 162 lbs by PTS in round 10 of 10

  • Location: Civic Stadium, Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Referee: Jimmy Wilson

Hostak allowed Belloise to come at him and press the fight, rather than agressively pursue the knockout. In the 2nd round, Hostak landed a left hook and right cross to Belloise's jaw, which sent him down for a seven count. Before the bell to end the 7th, Hostak hurt Belloise with an uppercut, which cause Belloise to grab on to Hostak desperately. In the last two rounds Hostak abandoned his more passive style, and elected to trade with Belloise, appearing to come out ahead in the exchanges. Belloise may have suffered a broken nose in the 2nd round.

Attendance: 7,000
Gate: $20,165

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer