Al Sommers

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Name: Al Sommers
Hometown: Portland, Oregon, USA
Boxing Record: click

Manager: Judge Joe Flanagan
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Al Sommers, step-brother of fellow boxer George Sommers, was one of the better middleweights boxing out of the Pacific Northwest of the United States in the late 1910s, primarily in the Portland and Spokane areas. He fought from about 1916 to 1924. He would lose a five-fight series with probably the premier Northwest Middleweight of this period, Jimmy Darcy (2-1-2). Sommers twice lost to Mike Gibbons in bouts in Portland and at the Alan Race Track on the Washington-Idaho border. He also drew with notable Middleweights Fighting Billy Murray and Battling Ortega, beating Ortega on a disqualification.

In the mid-1940s he was in Spokane, and was the manager of Tiger Jack Fox. He also worked as a wrestling referee, after the wrestling game was revived in the spring of 1945 in Spokane. Shortly afterwards, Tiger Jack Fox made his first appearance as a wrestler in Spokane in May 1945. He was with Fox through at least July 1947, when Fox was temporarily retired in Spokane following a knockout loss to Jerry McSwain. He may have resurfaced with Fox after he was given a final chance in the spring of 1948, though probably no later than Fox's final retirement in Spokane after the Freddie Beshore fight.