Alan Minter vs. Mustafa Hamsho

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1981-06-06 : Mustafa Hamsho 160¼ lbs beat Alan Minter 160½ lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

"Britain's Alan Minter, his hopes for another title shot frustrated Saturday by a split decision loss to Mustafa Hamsho, said he did all he could to win the fight. Minter used his right jab effectively throuout the middleweight elimination fight, but the relentless attack of Hamsho proved the difference in the scoring. In the 4th round a good left hook by Hamsho seemed to shake Minter but he responded with effective right and left combinations. The 5th was Minter's best round as he hurt Hamsho with a strong left hook followed by two right hands. Both fighters went toe to toe until the bell sounded to end the round. Minter was cut on the cheek in the 8th round as Hamsho began to dominate the fight." -Associated Press

  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 97-94 Hamsho
  • Purses: Minter - $150,000, Hamsho - $75,000

Post fight comments

  • "What it seems like in Las Vegas is I can't score with the jab, I can only accuse the judging." -Alan Minter
  • "Alan won the fight, there's no question in my mind. I think this decision tonight is diabolical." -Doug Bidwell, Minter's manager
  • "If Hagler doesn't fight Hamsho next, he should be stripped of his title." -Paddy Flood, Hamsho's manager