Alex Burlie

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Name: Alex Burlie
Birth Name: Alexander Fletcher Burlie
Born: 1905-02-06
Birthplace: Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
Died: 1962-06-16 (Age:57)
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Boxing Record: click

Alex Burlie was born Alexander Fletcher Burlie, Feb. 6, 1905 in Dundee, Scotland,to John Mathhew Burlie and Mary Fletcher Burlie. There were eventually six children in the family. He married Ethel Clair Geddes on May 16, 1924. They had one child, a daughter Willis (Billy). Alex died June 16, 1962. He was 58 and is believed to have died of a heart attack. The family emigrated to Canada in 1907.

Alex represented Canada in the Flyweight Division at the 1924 Olympic Games. He turned pro that year and eventually became Canadian Professional Flyweight Champion. He was a very good boxer, fast and bright -- a great counter puncher. In 1926, with the World Flyweight Title vacant, Fidel LaBarba was ranked #1 by The Ring Magazine, while Burlie was ranked #7. Bad timing for his career, and a bad beating by Newsboy Brown in 1927, sent him into a short-lived voluntary retirement. By doing so he relinquished his Canadian Flyweight Title. He came back shortly thereafter, but by that time promoters had interests in another crowd-pleasing flyweight -- Albert (Frenchy) Belanger. Burlie made a comeback, but the writing was on the wall. He retired from boxing in 1929 to work at Rapid Grip and Batten metal engraving. It was during this time that he taught the famous Canadian writer, Jack Batten, to box.

Burlie's brother Agnew, a featherweight, also had a successful boxing career. The Great Depression and World War II buried the accomplishments of many athletes of that time. Alex and Agnew Burlie were two of them.