Alexis Arguello vs. Andrew Ganigan

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1982-05-22 : Alexis Arguello 134¾ lbs beat Andy Ganigan 135 lbs by KO at 3:09 in round 5 of 15


Alexis Arguello vs. Andrew Ganigan (poster).jpeg

In an exciting televised world title bout, hard punching Andrew Ganigan, who introduced his challenge in the prefight interview on television "You never know what can happen when I fight!" lived up to his reputation. He decked Arguello in the first round. The hard-punching Ganigan gave Arguello all he could handle in an action-packed seesaw battle royale. Power shot bombs were being thrown by both competitors, and anyone watching the fight could tell that one of the two combatants was going to go at some point. Ganigan was perhaps the more reckless of the two, swinging wildly and getting hit abit more as a consequence. Arguello finally knocked out the overly aggressive Ganigan at the end of round five of what had been an extremely exciting fight to that point. In swinging his power at Arguello, Ganigan had been abit careless in leaving himself open for counter shots, and ultimately paid the price.