Andrey Tsurkan vs. Sammy Sparkman

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2007-04-11 : Andrey Tsurkan 153¾ lbs beat Sammy Sparkman 150 lbs by KO at 1:02 in round 9 of 10

  • NABF Light Middleweight Title (1st defense of Tsurkan)
  • Time: 1:02
  • Weights: Tsurkan 153.8 lbs, Sparkman 150 lbs


  • Tsurkan came forward, willing to take a punch to deliver his own. Sparkman got in his fair amount of clean punches, but could not keep Tsurkan off.
  • In round 9, a left hook dropped Sparkman flat on his back. Sparkman lifted his head up, and then back down as he was counted out. Sparkman was sitting up shortly after.

Preceded by:
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NABF Light Middleweight Title Fight
# 49
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