Angel Luis Torres vs. Gabriel Krizan

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Fight Angel Luis Torres vs. Gabriel Krizan 2003-05-30

2003-05-30 : Angel Luis Torres 127 lbs beat Gabriel Krizan 125½ lbs by KO at 0:12 in round 1 of 6

  • Location: Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA


  • Immediately after the bell for round one sounded, Krizan attempted to touch gloves with Torres (an act traditionally done by most boxers to start a fight). Rather than touching gloves back, Torres landed a left hook on Krizan.
  • Krizan, with his defense down, fell to the canvas and was unable to beat the count. The official time of stoppage was twelve seconds.
  • After the fight, Krizan was immediately taken to a hospital, located at nearby Norwich, Connecticut.
  • The fight was on the undercard of an ESPN2 ESPN Friday Night Fights
  • Since this bout, Krizan has never stepped in the ring again. Torres has had only one fight since.

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