Antonio DeMarco vs. Anges Adjaho

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2009-07-11 : Antonio DeMarco 134½ lbs beat Anges Adjaho 135 lbs by KO in round 9 of 12

Aired on: Showtime Championship Boxing

  • In a bout which most scribes had Adjaho ahead by three or four rounds, DeMarco scored a surprise KO at 2:59 of round nine. A careful analysis/replay showed that Adjaho winced from a left to the eye, walked away and took a knee. Just before he got the knee down, DeMarco hit him with a left to the head. Adjaho then put on a act, complaining of the blow, then falling flat on his face, where he was counted out. As soon as he was counted out, he jumped up and began complaining again. It looked like a KO from bad acting.