Antonio DeMarco vs. Jorge Linares

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2011-10-15 : Antonio DeMarco 134½ lbs beat Jorge Linares 134¾ lbs by TKO at 2:32 in round 11 of 12


  • DeMarco had lost the fight on the cards going into the eleventh round. DeMarco, who went 12 rounds to win in his previous fight, took Linares, who had never been past round ten, into the later rounds. DeMarco, never hurt and never overexerting himself, managed to turn Linares' face into a bloody mess. After losing the first five rounds, DeMarco, in round six, caused a cut on the bridge of the nose of Linares which stubbornly refused to stop bleeding. "It was a head butt (by DeMarco) that broke my nose," claimed Linares after the bout.Then, DeMarco's punches caused a cut over Linares right eye. Still, Linares gave it his all and was winning most rounds on technical jabbing skill. However, those punches landed by DeMarco did facial damage. In the eleventh, DeMarco, who was never winded, came forward and went toe-to-toe with Linares and put it all on the table to try to win, dealing Linares horrific punishment in the hard fought exchanges which resulted, with Linares ultimately wilting downward along the ropes as DeMarco finished him in an upset. "Good job!" told opposing trainer Freddie Roach to DeMarco, the new WBC champion. This bout was the preliminary bout to the main event to Bernard Hopkins versus Chad Dawson televised on HBO Pay-Per-View from Staples Center in Los Angeles, and was by far the fight of the night. The WBC title had been vacated by DeMarco's cousin Humberto Soto. "This is a dream come true," said DeMarco. Linares wound up on his stool with his eyes closed in a fetal position. Demarco came over to the seated Linares as he was being treated, held him, and talked to him in friendship, showing good sportsmanship.
  • Antonio DeMarco's purse was $50,000, Jorge Linares's purse was $100,000. [1]
  • DeMarco-Linares