Antonio Tarver vs. Jason Burrell

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1997-04-29 : Antonio Tarver 179 lbs beat Jason Burrell 180 lbs by TKO at 0:22 in round 3 of 4

  • Location: Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Referee: Blair Talmadge

Weights: Tarver 179 lbs., Burrell 180 lbs.
Aired On: USA Networks' "Tuesday Night Fights"
Time: :22


  • Fight was on the under card of Joseph Kiwanuka vs. Antoine Byrd for Kiwanuka's NABF Super-Middleweight Title.
  • Burrell was knocked back into the ropes by a straight left at 1:59 of Round 2. He received a standing eight-count.
  • Burrell down again in Round 2 from a clean left hand to the jaw that put him flat on his back in the center of the ring. He did make it to his feet right at the count of 10 and, being that the round had ended, was allowed to continue.
  • At :22 of Round 3, Burrell was again knocked back into the ropes from a left hand at which time referee Blair Talmadge waved an end to the bout.
  • At the conclusion of the fight, Burrell was noticeably bleeding from the nose and mouth.


Burrell came out aggressively in the 1st Round and really took the fight to Tarver. In the 2nd, however, Tarver came out alive and launched powerful combinations as Burrell was against the ropes. The first knockdown was ruled as such because Burrell was clearly hurt by the left hand, and the ropes prevented the knockdown. The 2nd knockdown was certainly attention-getting as Tarver landed a clean left hand that dropped Burrell instantly and laid him out in the ring. The final "knockdown" came much in the same way as the first, with Burrell being hurt by a left hand and falling back into the ropes.