Antwone Smith vs. Norberto Gonzalez

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ESPN Punch Track

Total Punches Smith Gonzalez Landed 181 151 Thrown 462 614 Pct. 39% 25% Jabs Smith Gonzalez Landed 89 79 Thrown 254 329 Head Smith Gonzalez Landed 146 132 Thrown 393 582 Body Smith Gonzalez Landed 35 19 Thrown 69 32

2009-02-27 : Antwone Smith 147½ lbs beat Norberto Gonzalez 147¾ lbs by UD in round 8 of 8

Aired On: ESPN Friday Night Fights


  • Fight was on the undercard of Glen Johnson vs. Daniel Judah (2nd Meeting).
  • Gonzalez went down in Round 2 from a sweeping right hand as he had Smith wobbled and against the ropes.
  • Gonzalez developed a bad cut on his left eyelid in Round 3 from a punch. It would continue to bleed throughout the remainder of the fight.
  • Gonzalez was warned in the 6th for a rabbit punch while clinching.
  • Gonzalez developed a small cut on his right cheek in Round 6.
  • The was the first loss of Norberto Gonzalez's professional career.
  • Boxing analyst Teddy Atlas had the bout scored a draw (76-76).