Armando Muniz vs. Clyde Gray

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1971-11-19 : Armando Muniz 146 lbs beat Clyde Gray 144 lbs by KO at 1:43 in round 9 of 12

  • Location: Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach, California, USA
  • Referee: Rudy Jordan
  • NABF Welterweight Title (Vacant title)
  • Time: 1:43
  • Weights: Muniz 146 lbs, Gray 144 lbs


  • "Armando Muniz rallied to knock out Canada's Clyde Gray in the 9th round to win the NABF welterweight championship at the Long Beach Arena. Gray, the Canadian champ and 4th ranked welter in the world, appeared to be pulling away to a decision win over the scheduled 12 round route when the bout was halted after the 8th round to replace his torn gloves. The delay was seven minutes and Muniz came out refreshed in the 9th and knocked Gray flat on his back with a left-right-left flurry to the head. Referee Rudy Jordan counted out Gray at 1:43 of the round. It appeared early that Gray would be able to keep Muniz away with his stiff jabs, but Mando kept working his way inside forcing Gray into a jab-and-peck retreat that was piling up points until the sudden ending in the 9th." -Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram
  • Gray's manager Irv Ungerman protested the change of gloves to the California State Athletic Commission between the 8th and 9th rounds. However, the decision stood as Gray's gloves had been splitting down the front for several rounds
  • The California State Athletic Commission impounded Gray's torn gloves, citing speculation that Gray's gloves may have been deliberately cut to inflict injury upon Muniz, who suffered a severe cut under his left eye requiring five stiches to close. A spokesman for the commission stated, "It's unusual for one glove to be torn, but for both of them to be cut is suspect."
  • The unofficial Press-Telegram scorecard had Gray leading 5-3 at the time of the knockout.
  • Inaugural NABF Welterweight title fight.