Aurelien Kid Lamothe vs. Desmond Desse Green (3rd meeting)

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1940-06-07 : Desmond Green 111½ lbs beat Aurelien Lamothe 111¾ lbs by KO at 0:27 in round 1 of 12

  • Location: Exchange Stadium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Canadian Flyweight Title (1st defense of Lamothe)
  • Time: 0:27
  • Weights: Hill 111 lbs, Belanger 111.5 lbs


  • Shortest bout in Canadian title history.
  • Lamothe was half turned around when the bell sounded to start the fight. Greene sailed across the ring and caught Lamothe with a left hook that sent him down two feet from his corner.
  • Greene went to a neutral corner while the referee counted Lamothe. The latter was ready to resume the fight at the count of 9, at which time Greene caught him with a right hand that sent him down for the count.
  • Lamothe's team were displeased at what they perceived as unfair tactics used by Greene.

Preceded by:
Gauthier vs. Lamothe III
Canadian Flyweight Title Fight
# 11
Succeeded by:
Bibeau vs. O'Connor