British Boxing Board of Control

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The BBBofC was established in 1929, restructured from the old National Sporting Club controlled British Board of Boxing Control (BBofBC) that had been formed in 1918. It is often referred to as "the triple B of C".

Weight Class Champion Date Won
Heavyweight Vacant
Cruiserweight Ovill McKenzie June 7, 2014
Light Heavyweight Bob Ajisafe March 15, 2014
Super Middleweight Callum Smith November 7, 2015
Middleweight Nick Blackwell July 25, 2015
Light Middleweight Vacant
Welterweight Sam Eggington July 18, 2015
Light Welterweight Tyrone Nurse November 21, 2015
Lightweight Scott Cardle May 30, 2015
Super Featherweight Liam Walsh November 11, 2014
Featherweight Ryan Walsh September 26, 2015
Super Bantamweight James Dickens March 6, 2015
Bantamweight Ryan Burnett November 21, 2015
Super Flyweight Khalid Yafai October 17, 2015
Flyweight Vacant