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Baron Henry von Stumme was the matchmaker of the Hollywood Legion Stadium for two years, from June 1948 to June 1950. von Stumme came to the United States in 1907 from Germany.

Loss of Legion Job

von Stumme had been receiving criticism for his job at Legion Stadium throughout 1950, due to declining attendance at his shows. von Stumme's supporters put the blame on the televising of programs held at the Legion Stadium as the reason behind declining attendance. But von Stumme's critics cited alleged poor matches that he was putting on. On April 20, 1950 von Stumme went before the stadium committee that ran the venue to obtain a vote of confidence--which he did, it was rumored, on a 5-to-4 vote.

However, on May 6th, von Stumme appeared before the Southern California Boxing Managers Association at the Main Street Gym in Los Angeles, hoping to receive a vote of confidence, entering with a claim of confidence from New York and Chicago managers. The managers associaton, voting 25-5, with four neutral, gave von Stumme a vote of "no confidence."

On May 15th, von Stumme resigned his post at Legion Stadium, effective June 3rd. He cited issues with his businesses in Newhall, California, as well as his intent to begin promoting boxing programs at the Valley Garden Arena.

He also managed boxers who were often from Arizona or Germany, prior to becoming the matchmaker at Legion Stadium. His stable included:


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