Battling Bozo

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Name: Battling Bozo
Alias: Curtis Hambright
Birth Name: James Curtis Hambright
Born: 1911-01-21
Died: 1994-11-11 (Age:83)
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6′ 2″   /   188cm
Boxing Record: click

Curtis Hambright often fought under the alias of Battling Bozo early in his career. According to family oral history (courtesy of his grand-niece Elizabeth), he got his nickname when he was young. He was fielding grounders during baseball batting practice for a famous pitcher. He either got hit or was dodging a particularly hard ball and jumped crazily around the field. The pitcher said something to the effect of "Look at that Bozo jump!" and his nickname stuck.

According to newspaper accounts of his day, Bozo was tall and angular, with large hands and feet, a small head, and the face of a boy. He would frequently shift his stance from orthodox to southpaw. While boxing, he often would laugh, talk, grin, frown, puff and grunt. In clinches he would look to his seconds for instructions, one glove cupped behind an ear. A playful tap with a glove on the referee's head was not beyond his repertoire.

Hambright retired from boxing when he began to lose his vision. Family history says that during one bout, someone put tons of resin on his gloves and repeatedly punched Hambright in the eyes, destroying his vision and career.

According to the Times Daily of Florence, Alabama, Hambright was admitted to hospital February 9th, 1942 suffering from the effects of poison. A hospital spokesman reported his condition was "only fair".

Birth and death dates based on a Curtis Hambright with a last residence of Grover, NC.