Belle of the Nineties

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  • 1934 Mae West comedy Western
  • Plot (from Ruby Carter (Mae West), the American Beauty queen of the night-club sporting world, shifts her operations from St. Louis to New Orleans (which kind of belies the Western genre designation), mostly to get away from prizefighter Tiger Kid (Roger Pryor). Installed as the prize attraction of "The Sensation Club," run by Ace Lamont (John Miljan), she quickly becomes the toast of the town and also marked as the personal property by Ace, arousing the fury of Ace's former flame, Molly Brant (Katherine de Mille). The not-overly-bright Tiger comes to town and is set for a title match with the champ by Ace, while the latter also has him steal some of Ruby's jewels. Ruby, no dumb-belle, figuring Ace has the fix in on the fight, uses some of her other jewels to lay a trap for Ace.
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