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Name: Ben Bril
Born: 1912-07-16
Died: 2003-11-09 (Age:91)
Refereeing Record: click

Birth Name: Barend Bril
Birthplace: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Barend ("Ben") Bril was a Dutch boxer who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics at the age of fifteen in his home town.

Four years later he was barred from the 1932 Summer Olympics because the Dutch Olympic Committee was led by a member of the Dutch Nazi party, and he boycotted the 1936 Games in Berlin. Bril reached a milestone in his career by winning the golden medal at the Maccabi Games in 1935. He won the Dutch title in his division eight times.

During the German occupation of the Netherlands, he was deported to Germany and interned at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Four of his brothers and a sister died in the concentration camps. All but one of these siblings were married with children. All perished in the concentration camps. Ben Bril and his younger brother Herrie both survived the war. Herrie Bril died in Rotterdam on August 6, 1966.

Ben Bril and his wife Celia had one child Ab Ben, who lives in Zandvoort with his wife Wilma. Ab Ben and Wilma have one son Benno, who also lives in Zandvoort. Ben Bril died aged 91 in Amsterdam.

Herrie Bril and his wife Miepie had two children, Clarie who lives in Switzerland and Seno who lives in the United States. Miepie Bril also lives in Switzerland.

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