Benny Berris

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27 May 1936

Name: Benny Berris
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Boxing Record: click

Bennie Barrish was a lightweight fighter out of Chicago, first cousin of Ray Miller. If Ray could be described as a nationally-ranked 'contender', Bennie would best be described as a club fighter. Bennie fought in the early and mid-1920's then retired to go into business. Raising a grubstake and retiring to business was common among the Jewish fighters. Bennie fought all over the country, but achieved his best success on the West Coast. His 'biggest' fights judged from our perspective today took place in California. In 1924, Bennie twice fought a boxer who called himself 'Young Corbett III'. Corbett would later go on to championship standing. Bennie drew with Corbett once and lost once.