Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson (2nd meeting)

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Official Fight Poster

2012-04-28 : Bernard Hopkins 173½ lbs lost to Chad Dawson 174½ lbs by MD in round 12 of 12


  • Bernard Hopkins 52-5 (32 KOs) vs. Chad Dawson 30-1 (17 KOs)
  • Hopkins entered as the world light heavyweight champion according to The Ring Magazine. Dawson was ranked as the #2 light heavyweight contender by the same publication. The fighters too came in ranked No. 1 and No. 3 by [1] [2]
  • Despite being the champion, Hopkins was a 3.5/1 betting underdog. [3]
  • In their previous meeting six months prior, the bout ended in a no contest.
  • At 47, Hopkins was 18 years older than Dawson.
  • Ticket prices for the event ranged from $25 to $300.
  • ESPN's Dan Rafael scored the bout 118-110 in favor or Dawson. [4]
  • Harold Lederman scored it 117-111 for Dawson.

Bout Summary


Dawson came forward in the tentative opening round and pushed out a jab. Hopkins moved around the ring and looked for countering opportunities with neither man landing very effectively. Hopkins threw more in Round 2 and had some success jumping in and throwing counter punches. A clash of heads in the round seemed to bother Dawson. A Dawson flurry highlighted the Round 3, as both men were warned to clean it up in the clinches as they often threw after being told to break. In Round 4, a headbutt, ruled to be accidental by the referee, opened a big gash on the outside of Dawson's left eye. Dawson opened up early in Round 5 and likely took the round with aggression and decent work in the first half. Hopkins was warned in the round to avoid punching on the break. Dawson continued to outwork Hopkins in the 6th Round, as the champion mostly moved around the ring and tied Dawson up on the inside. Both men had their moments in the 7th Round with Dawson landing better early and Hopkins coming on in the latter half. Dawson landed 26 power punches in the eighth and connected with the cleaner shots. In Round 8, a cut opened to the outside of Dawson's right eye. Neither man did much of note in Round 9, which was plagued by clinching. Dawson controlled Round 10 and used his quickness to get in and land, as Hopkins did little offensively. Hopkins has success with a lead right hand in Round 11, before being outworked in the second half of the round. Hopkins went down in the round from a slip and later came off the ropes and tackled Dawson, with both men going to the canvas. Hopkins likely took the twelfth round landing some decent shots with Dawson coming forward.


  • "I feel good. I took a lot of headbutts. He's going into the Hall of Fame. Like I said though, he's a dirty fighter. It's what we worked for, we knew he was going to headbutt. He hit me with like eight headbutts. I kept my composure, but it was obvious that he was doing it on purpose. Bernard Hopkins is a hell of a fighter though, he fought a hell of fight." - Chad Dawson in the post-fight interview with Max Kellerman