Betulio Gonzalez vs. Venice Borkhorsor

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1972-09-29 : Venice Borkhorsor beat Betulio Gonzalez by TKO at 2:10 in round 10 of 15

  • Location: Kittikachorn Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Referee: Zach Clayton 83-79
  • 90-83 90-80

"Thailand's challenger Venice Borkorsor gained the WBC flyweight championship from Betulio Gonzalez on a TKO at 2:10 of the 10th round Friday night when the Venezuelan refused to continue the fight. Gonzalez, who suffered extensive damage to the body and was bleeding from a cut on his cheek, complained to his corner that he was unable to stand on his feet as a result of the battering he took in the 7th, 8th and 9th rounds. Venice had Gonzalez at his mercy on the ropes at least three times." -United Press International

  • After 9 rounds all three officials had Borkorsor in front.
  • Judge Santos Harismenpy, Venezuela - 90-83
  • Judge Major Sulee-Promchairak, Thailand - 90-80
  • Unofficial UPI scorecard - 89-81 Borkorsor