Billy Edwards

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Billy Edwards
Class of 2004
Pioneer Category
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Name: Billy Edwards
Alias: Make-Believe Billy
Born: 1844-12-21
Birthplace: Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Died: 1907-08-12 (Age:62)
Hometown: Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Height: 5′ 4½″   /   164cm
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In 1882 Billy Edwards became a bouncer at the Hoffman House, New York City. He had come to the United States in 1865. He retired from boxing in 1882. Edwards died of Bright's Disease. (Everett Morning Tribune, Everett, WA, USA, August 21, 1907.)

  • Mecca tobacco card

Known Exhibition Bouts

1867: Edwards came to New York and worked as a boilermaker. He sparred in numerous exhibitions.

  • 1867-1868: Edwards beat several minor opponents
  • 1870: Jun 16 William "Dooney" Harris, Jersey City, NJ, EX-3
  • 1871: Ben Hogan, New York, NY (600 Broadway), W-?
  • 1876: Sep 2 "Young" Barney Aaron, Cincinnati, OH, EX-3
  • 1881: Jan ? Harry Hicken, New York, NY, EX 3
  • 1882: Oct 18 Professor Jordan, New York, NY, (Madison Square Garden) EX-?
  • Year? Apr 11 William C. McClellan, New York, NY, EX-3
  • 1883: Mar 19 Arthur Chambers, Boston, MA (Mechanics' Inst. Fair) EX-?
  • Apr 12 Arthur Chambers, Long Island City, NY (Arlington Hall) EX-?These men were very scientific; Edwards got in two blows for every one.
  • Apr 21 Warwick Edwards, New York, NY (Clarendon Hall), EX-?
  • Nov Arthur Chambers, New York, NY (Racquet Club), EX-? Gloves were used for this bout.
  • 1885: Apr 24 Arthur Chambers, New York, NY (Madison Square Garden), EX-?. This bout may have been held during 1886.
  • 1894: Nov 2 versus an unnamed opponent, South Orange, ND-5. Five one-minute rounds were fought. This bout was filmed, probably at Thomas Edison's lab.