Billy Weeks vs. Frank Mantell (3rd meeting)

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1916-09-28 : Billy Weeks beat Frank Mantell by KO at 2:50 in round 3 of 10

  • Location: Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  • Referee: Phil Brooks
  • Canadian Middleweight Title (Vacant Title)
  • Time: 2:50


  • Believed to be Weeks's first bout since severely injuring his foot in early August, according to the August 8 edition of the Tacoma Daily News.
  • Although the title is vacant, Weeks is billed as the Canadian middleweight champion.
  • Mantell later claimed he was fouled by Weeks in the second round.

Preceded by:
Egan vs. Weeks II
Canadian Middleweight Title Fight
# 7
Succeeded by:
Ross vs. Yordy

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