Bobby Diamond (Manager)

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Ben Aisa, Diamond, Pete Sanstol

Photo: Ben Aisa, Diamond, Pete Sanstol in 1934

  • Little is known about this manager. His true name may have been Robert Diamianti. (See Panama Al Brown: 1902-1951 at p. 133.)
  • He managed Henri Poutrain. He also managed (and/or trained) Pete Sanstol for at least his 1934 bout with Young Perez in Norway (and may have first met Sanstol when the Norwegian fought Poutrain in early 1927).
  • Another photo: (Leon Bellier, Young Perez, Sanstol, Diamond)
  • Diamond worked well into the early 60's and was the manager of Dick Tiger in the Fullmer- fights.
  • Probably not identical with French/American Robert Diamant who should have no reason to "anglify" his name.
  • Video of Diamond