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Name: Bobby Lloyd
Born: 1930-02-08
Birthplace: Ashley, Pennsylvania, USA
Hometown: New York, New York, USA
Boxing Record: click

Managers: Chris Dundee, Al Flora, and Lew Tendler

From rags to riches ... well, not quite, but he was on the way! The typical Alger Boy story so common in a society of free enterprise.

Irish Bobby Lloyd, born in Ashley, Pa., on February 8, 1930, an average American youth with no extra privileges, started to box when he was only 16 years old and rolled up a total of 49 victories in 52 simon pure fights.

Lloyd was a wrestler back in high school and then one night his father took him to see some amateur boxing bouts. He saw lads whom he was sure he could beat and the bug took hold. He had already decided that wrestling was not his dish and boxing was to his liking.

On January 13, 1947, Bobby first donned the gloves in a professional ring and his first year of swinging in the pay ranks he niched 14 straight wins.

Considered a good club fighter, although Chris Dundee, his manager, and his able assistant, Angelo Dundee, boosted his stock to anyone who would listen. Lloyd finally got his chance to show his stuff. A match was arranged between Lloyd and Arthur King, Brittish Empire lightweight champion. The result? Lloyd, an underdog prior to the fight, turned in a convincing ten-round win that left many of the fistic faithful asking, "Where had this kid Lloyd been hidden?"

Bobby fought out of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., for the first part of his career, where he was trained by Al Flora. He had a hobby: collecting postal cards from near and far, which he hoped to augment by boxing all over the world. Mother was Italian, father Irish ... he had a 10-year older brother ... his pop never missed a fight in which Bobby appeared. He was a good two-handed puncher and crowd pleaser.

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